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  1. that'd be a grand total of zero kids who would do that instead of playing some game. part of school is supposed to be human interaction isn't it? why make kids afraid to raise their hand and ask a question in front of people?
  2. next they'll have to rename git for making fun of people who say "git her dun"
  3. if you think the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ at the end of their project isn't one of the major, massive, motivating factors for people to develop games, then you've been in a strange world the last 25 years. it makes absolute sense to me a developer would go to a store that gives them more money. people should be calling for Valve to give more to developers instead of raging on epic for competing
  4. They'll probably still demonetize it out of spite but now they'll have to fire all those people they hired to manually claim any video so they could get the revenue instead
  5. Silicon Valley of China the US needs to force the Bill of Rights onto the internet. If Trump can't block anybody because it violates the first amendment then nobody else should be able to block anyone for that same reason either
  6. I would imagine monster drop rates as the main mechanic in a game are a far, far different aspect than a box you buy with real money
  7. makes me laugh every time I remember the rocket league guys went to EA first and EA told them no. probably the best thing to ever happen to rocket league
  8. how are politicians still on the "it's the video games"
  9. one of the few regulations i'd be alright with but seems utterly pointless and a waste of regulation ink
  10. man if boeing and airbus planes keep going this sketchy route we'll all be living the carbon footprint-less dream and taking 5 year boat rides or 5 week train rides where we need to go, only to get derailed by some moronic train driver or beached by a very unintelligent captain
  11. I don't see why the government should be adding even more regulations. The parents are responsible here. The rating is 18+ or what 17+ in US, it's not Rockstar's problem if the parents aren't paying attention, and it shouldn't be some regulatory boards or congressional problem either
  12. As far as I know they get paid 100% of their income like contractors. They have to pay their own taxes. They aren't employees. In the US this is probably on a 1099 Miscellaneous tax form, not a W2 like usual employer might have
  13. Nintendo's always fixed their products when they're in the wrong. I wonder why some people are surprised
  14. I don't blame japan not wanting to pay reparations to people who weren't alive during that time, punishing the people in japan who also had no part in those horrors
  15. I've never freaking understood why they deliver that medicine without requiring an adult with an ID to sign for it if it's so important, and why someone isn't around the day it's being delivered to make sure they get it. that's something that should very rarely leave the hands of a human
  16. I just hope games in the current windows store don't get removed so easily. I'll be sad if I can't play Halo Infinite 10 years from now, assuming it's the kind of game I want to even play 10 years from now
  17. download Dissenter, although it's basically chrome but went the Brave route with the anti-free speech Google and Firefox extension stores bypassed too
  18. I wish we all paid zero taxes. That should be G20's effort, lowering the taxes of the world, not raising them
  19. He didn't get charged. Ice Poseidon was another genius to get banned from twitch because his viewers blasted a bomb threat while he was on an airplane. Don't think he got charged either, just banned from Twitch. Funnily enough he showed up on YouTube later and created a ponzi scheme, not sure what happened after that ..lol he got raided by the FBI
  20. I don't think realize how much money some people have
  21. well right now their expansion prices are $40 for the main one then extra for the year pass that's ending in a few months, still not that cheap lol
  22. breath of the wild and odyssey are most certainly not the same game, and both are easily among the top games of the decade and probably the next 11 years