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  1. Hello, My pc keeps waking up after I started using this keyboard I think it either has something to do with the keyboard or the mouse that I got at a similar time. The mouse is the Razer balistik. I believe that is has to do with the RGB lighting. I have changed the setting on eich of them to not allow them to wake pc but it will go to sleep and as soon as the monitor turns off the pc wakes up.
  2. I have the fans, from buying my pc parts used. They were thrown in for free. However I do not have the controller or the remote. Anyone know where to buy the controller?
  3. I Wass also worried about that. Didn't think molex was would have enough power.
  4. Either way though it should work just fine with four if the 8 because the current Mobo inly has a 4 pin and it is running the couch from the factory.
  5. I looked it up and someone on tedshardware said that molex pushed the full 12v through only two of the pins. So I was wondering if that isn't true will this still work?
  6. So if I have to get an adapter without getting a new psu will this connector work? Why does this molex connector only have three pins?
  7. Yes it is standard.However, won't this only give the cpu half the power it needs?
  8. Sorry I was in such a rush I didn't even notice it has the four pin. Thanks for the help. So it should work just fine with only four?
  9. I know this, but my psu doesn't have either. But my current PC setup stock HP Slimline doesn't have a connector on the Mobo so it doesn't need one to run. So do I need one to run the couch in a different Mobo?
  10. my current i3 7100t does not have a 8-pin connector on the motherboard because it's in a HP Slimline and so I was wondering if upgrading to a new motherboard that has the 8-pin does it need the 8-pin connected for it to work?
  11. My brother is looking to move his hp slimline into a bigger pc case, due to the slimline only having one sata cable, and the slimline case not being able to hold a non-low profile gpu. Anyways what is the best budget MOBO for this 7th gen i3-7100t?
  12. Okay thank you for the help I will just buy that case then.