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  1. Wow, everyone here is just awesome! Thank you so much for all the recommendations. I told my son after school today that we had the basic system configuration and we are about to start ordering parts (probably still going to make that trip to Virginia just for fun). It would be an understatement to say he is excited. I have bumped up the budget a bit to make RGB a little easier. I will definitely be taking pictures as he builds and post the finished product giving credit where credit is due, you all! Thank you again, I appreciate it and hope over time I can return the favor to others.
  2. @Thermosman My bad, painfully obvious I am new to the forum Thanks again for all the help, awesome recommendations and definitely excited about getting started.
  3. Thanks so much! Fairfax is about 6 hours from us (we are close to Charlotte), but that might be a fun weekend trip for he and I. Always looking for opportunities to connect with the kid and increase his interest.
  4. Hi Everyone: My 10 year old son has really been getting into computers and wants to learn how to build a PC. It has been a long time since I have built a PC and I am hoping to get some advice. I think this will be a great opportunity for him to learn more about how computers work, to feel some real accomplishment, and for us to have fun working together. I am hoping to spend between $500 and $700 on the PC. I will need to pick up a Windows license. I already have an extra monitor and a peripherals. I have no preference as far as brand or affiliation. He does like the look of the Cooler Master cases and would very much like to do something RGB related (although I understand if that might have to come later to keep the budget). He is into games like Rocket League, Star Wars Battlefront, Minecraft, and he loves racing games. I also hope this can be a platform for him to upgrade over time as he gets older. Thank you in advance for the advice!
  5. Welcome to the Linus Tech Tips forum!

    Have been a long-time watcher and enjoy the channel(s). Looking to build a new gaming rig and recently a convert back to PC from Mac. Looking forward to getting involved in the forum. Good evening everyone!
  6. dBrand Skins

    I have dBrand skins on a few different devices and have had this happen a couple of times. I tried a few different tricks and unfortunately couldn't get it to stick well again. I have always found dBrand support to be really responsive and helpful, may be worth reaching out to them. One time they sent me a new skin for just the shipping, really nice group.