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  1. Hello! Recently moved to another country and started using only my laptop (MSI Stealth Thin with GTX 1060). Since the black friday is coming up, I have started to look for a monitor. I'm thinking to have one ultrawide curved 27 inch monitor instead of 2x 24inch. Like Samsung C27JG50 Could you please recommend monitor? Maybe is better to invest in not curved? Usage: daily browsing / programming / gaming (light games: WoW Classic/Diablo3/Forza4). Prefer: - Size: 27inch monitor (one is enough). - Resolution: 1440p (with 144hz is possible) Living in Sweden Budget: around 3000 - 3500 kr. (Around 300-350eur). Example: https://www.prisjakt.nu/produkt.php?p=4914075
  2. Ah yes, my mistake. The company pays the taxes+ transporation, which in total is equal to approx. 2000eur. Ok, I'll check the MateBook. From first perpective it's just a MacBook Rip-off :D. Just one thing, is it worth to buy a notebook with good CPU and 16GB RAM and then have an eGPU?
  3. Sorry, forgot to add. - Acer Nitro 5: http://www.skytech.lt/nhq5bel002-notebookacernitroan5155451mmcpu-i59300h2400-mhz1561920x1080ram-8gbddr-p-449602.html - Lenovo Legion Y730: https://www.senukai.lt/p/lenovo-legion-y730-15-full-hd-gtx-ti-coffe-lake-i7/9hxz?fbclid=IwAR0kfgIemIYb3KlAOpo4x3ciG0HniDdzYXtk_pL8f7bLvrsEeERB6w5yOfo - Lenovo Legion Y530: http://www.skytech.lt/81fv014llt-lenovo-legion-y530-black-156-ips-fhd-1920x1080-matt-intel-core-i58300-p-425917.html - MBP 2019: https://www.apple.com/shop/buy-mac/macbook-pro/13-inch-space-gray-256gb-2.4ghz-quad-core-processor-with-turbo-boost-up-to-4.1ghz# And unfortunately, my listed websites doesn't have English languange. But if you scroll down, you can see the specifications.
  4. Hello! Recently got opportunity to move to another country for working. And I have started to think that I would like to upgrade my laptop (from MacBook Pro Late 2012). But came to the issue, that there are too many choices. And I would like to get your opinions on this matter. Mainly my task are: - Daily browsing: Netflix, youtube, reddit and etc. - Light gaming: OSRS, WoW Classic (when it will be released), Path Of Exile. - Programming: web development, apps. (Python, Java, JavaScript) Since I'll not play high-end games, I don't think there is a need of having good GPU. My budget - 1000-1500 euro. (it can adjust, if I get good deal). And I came to these options: - Lenovo Legion Y530 (with GTX 1050Ti ) - Lenovo Legion Y730 (with GTX 1050Ti / i7-8750H ) - Acer Nitro 5 (with GTX 1660Ti / i5-9300H) - Macbook Pro 13 (2019, 16GB Ram and Quad-core i5) The macbook is in the list, because I'm used to MacOS environment and I like it. And I can order a shipment from USA, which lets me to buy cheaper MBP than in my country - Lithuania. But afraid of the butterfly keyboard, since I haven't used that. I have rejected - ThinkPad, since I'm using at work; and Dell XPS, because price starting from 2000 euro.
  5. Hello! I have been searching app which could let me see various stats from my MacBook sensors. Like in Windows10 - HWMonitor. I know about ISTAT and Monit, but I saw that some people use the same HWMonitor. Maybe someone could share, which Apps using?
  6. Hello, What styles of music you are listening while programming? Personally, I like jazz or reggie. It helps to stay in positive mood and focus. I heard that gaming or movies soundtracks helps to stay more focus. If possible, could someone share a playlist?
  7. Basically I want to upgrade RAM to higher speed. But in order to do that I have to upgrade the mobo. And I dont think that is a good idea to buy old one.
  8. Hello, I'm planning to upgrade my i5-4430 processor to newer more powerful one. I have been reading a lot of forums ans watching videos, but however I can't decide which one to buy. My options: Ryzen 3 1300x, Ryzen 5 1600, Intel i3-8100 (or the better one i3) Intel i5-8400 I know that with i3 or i5 the motherboards price is higher with DDDR4 compared to Ryzen. Mostly of the time I would play games. But there will be doing some coding, web development. I'm on bugdet - ~400 - 500 (includes CPU, PSU, Mobo, RAM). And which RAM should be choosen? My country: Lithuania. Ryzen 5 1600 costs around 180€.
  9. What problem with PSU it could be? Should I be aware of PSU?
  10. Good evening, I'm planning to upgrade my GPU to Rx 470 Armor 4Gb OC. But I'm not sure about the compatibility with my other components. My specs: MOBO: MSI B85M-E33 CPU: Intel i5-4430 Ram: 2x4gb DDR3 PSU: 650 watts, I do not remember the brand. GPU: GTX 660 Is it okay to upgrade or should I look for upgrading other component?
  11. And the last question I have, which brand should I pick for Rx 470? Because of the price I would like to choose Sapphire.