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    I want my username changed. Byeeeeeeeeee.
  1. What gpu upgrade should i get

    I think those upgrades should cost half of that. GTX 1050 - 100-120 PSU - 30-50 8 GB DDR4 - 50 CPU Cooler - 20-35 At least 200 USD or max 255 USD
  2. DeathAdder Elite or Mamba TE?

    For FPS, i wouldn't go laser and since the DA Elite has a top of the line sensor, go Deathadder.
  3. 400dpi at 2.6 with raw input = 1040 effective (4:3 stretched keep in mind) Logitech G403 and Master Guardian 1.
  4. RX 460 4GB vs RX 470

    I will try. I know i'm not the best with MIRs though.
  5. RX 460 4GB vs RX 470

    Thanks. I have an i7 and just wanted to know if I needed the extra power.
  6. RX 460 4GB vs RX 470

    Im contemplating a gpu for my pc. I want to mainly play games like CS:GO, Rocket League and Overwatch. Not very demanding games but I may want to play games up to GTA V. That is the most demanding game I'd like to play. Now, I want to know, will buying a RX 470 be better than a RX 460 4GB for 1080p gaming? I don't know if it will make such a huge difference and would not like to spend an extra 50 usd if I don't need it. Thanks, mKL Edit: Solved