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  1. Are there any respected mobile benchmarks so I could get an idea of performance of different models and brands?
  2. Are those the HD models? Also, can you explain what makes them better? I'm mostly a newbie at this stuff.
  3. I'm in the US and I think a tablet would be a good gift for my mother this Christmas. While I'm fairly knowledgeable in desktops, what I know about mobile devices is pitiful. I don't even know where to start. I'm not looking to spend more than $100. Right now she has a $50 2015 Fire Tablet that she's used for 4 years, so anything would be a step up.I'm hoping for Black Friday sales and such. Some suggestions would be nice, but especially some things to watch for in specs if I look for myself.
  4. My PSU is fine. My concern is for people who think because they had a 980/1080/2080, the 3080 will be fine for them. Because that's how it's been for a long time.
  5. With the GPU power consumption going through the roof with Nvidia's latest release, I thought this was a good question to ask. My understanding is that any power supply with sufficiently calibrated OCP should be fine if you pair it with a power hungry GPU. The GPU may be throttled, but there won't be damage. Is that correct?
  6. Innovation is what makes technology so interesting. Most people don't use change and innovation interchangeably. Innovation (in most contexts) means change for the better. I don't know about the Kinect, but in games that used the Wii motion controls correctly were outstanding. The Wii remote was a fantastic pointing device. It's okay if you didn't like them, but they brought gaming to new audiences because of their ease of use.
  7. Open up Device Manager and see if any devices aren't installed. Also try removing and reconnecting the header when the computer is turned off.
  8. Obviously none us know. I recommend waiting if you can. At the very least, Zen 2 prices should drop.
  9. Better doesn't mean flawless. But you probably won't. The Zen 3 announcement is October 8 in case you want to wait.
  10. Try months. The 3060 hasn't even been announced yet. We have no idea when the lower tier models will be announced.
  11. Well definitely don't get another 1660 Ti. Either get a 1660 Super (roughly the same performance but for less money), upgrade to the 2060 (also a good deal), or just go a few months without a graphics card until the new generation comes out.
  12. Those aren't hard games to run as it is. The OP said "everything", not "easy to run games".
  13. That's still not going to be a universal thing with a 3090, just based on history. Again, I say get a 1440p monitor. Resolution is just a canvas. It doesn't automatically make the picture better. Nothing is detailed enough to need 4K. You're just adding unnecessary stress to your GPU. 1440p is the sweet spot.
  14. That's some pretty subjective math (i.e. not really math), but the OP said 4K120fps max settings on everything. That means nothing on just High. That likely also means no DLSS since that's a drop in minor drop in quality. Also almost nothing supports DLSS, and it's not going to be added to old games that already can't run it. The 3080 can't even get 60fps at 4K in a lot of titles. Expecting more than double the performance for a 3090 is just ridiculous. Long story short, get a 1440p monitor.
  15. What you want doesn't exist, and won't exist for many more years.