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  1. What do you need for a PC

    That would be a first. Prices have stayed the same for graphics cards as long as I can remember. There even less likely to now, considering the RTX price hike.
  2. Asus to release a freaking OLED PSU, made by Seasonic

    I actually think this is really cool. It could lead to more accurate statistics.
  3. Pre order cancelation

    It's much more realistic. The new FE cards have nicer coolers and are overclocked out of the box.
  4. this pc building guide that verge made is unbarable

    But he got an 8700k. And it's not like you can just walk into any Best Buy and pick one of those up.
  5. What are they? Fast Sync is the only one I'm aware of and all that really does is toggle V-Sync on and off. You still get stuttering if the frame rate is lower than the frame rate.
  6. I find that 60fps@60hz looks better than 100fps@144hz. The stuttering bothers me most as much as tearing. So like I said, it's subjective.
  7. That's highly subjective. A frame rate that doesn't match the refresh rate looks pretty bad to me.
  8. Razor blackwidow ulitmate 2014 or 2016

    You're asking the wrong question. You need to find what model switches are comfortable to you. You say "chromas" feel weird to type on, but they gave vastly different models. Brand loyalty isn't really helpful.
  9. You know what they mean to a human body. Not what they mean to a computer.
  10. this pc building guide that verge made is unbarable

    That doesn't make any sense.
  11. 1) STOP GIVING VALUES IN FAHRENHEIT. 2) Your CPU isn't hot. We've told you that several times. Those are normal temperatures. 3) It's called a stress test for a reason. It pushes everything to the limit. 4) Cores will almost always be different temperatures.
  12. It's not telling you the weather. I'm not saying you have to use celcius in your daily life. However, all PC measurements are in Celcius. Just because it's too hot for a human to be comfortable doesn't mean the electronics are too hot.
  13. this pc building guide that verge made is unbarable

    The majority of the world doesn't get hired to build an expert PC building guide.
  14. Switch to Celsius. Those aren't terrible temps.
  15. this pc building guide that verge made is unbarable

    I know that, I'm just saying if he wasn't being paid to make a guide (but was a new person here for example) then it would be a big deal. You know it wasn't his first time building, because if it was then he would have forgotten to IO shield.