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    Asus GTX 980 Ti Strix
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  1. Did you change the aspect ratio to 21:9 too? The option is right underneath the resolution.
  2. Lots of people are having problems with Chrome on 1909. Mostly with Chrome freezing. There's no solution at the moment. Either roll back to a previous build (which you can do from the Update and Recovery part of Settings) , or switch to an (arguably better) browser like Firefox.
  3. That site is shit. But the 1660 Ti is a bad purchase. Get a 1660 Super, which basically made the 1660 Ti obsolete.
  4. The need for an account to use it is absolutely ridiculous, and annoys me a lot because there's no good reason for it. Other than that though, I don't think there's anything objectively wrong with it. The recommended settings are usually really crappy in my experience, but that mostly comes down to if you prefer high frame rate.
  5. Well you'll need to learn to, or you won't survive. Not everyone has your mindset.
  6. Then either double or triple buffering is being forced. Which makes sense if you've got a G-Sync monitor. It's still capping you to 144fps (or whatever your refresh rate is), but not every frame is actually being displayed.
  7. Why wouldn't you do that anyway? There's no reason to run it at a higher frame rate unless you enjoy tearing.
  8. Just calling this "free game" without even giving me the actual title makes me feel uneasy about clicking it. Not that I actually think it's malware, but I can't prevent my instincts from playing their part.
  9. You're acting like there's some kind of trade-off. There's no reason not to try it. Overclocking may or may not work. Just try it and see if it's stable.
  10. But if you have a Microsoft account things will probably go fine.
  11. There are a lot of possible reasons. You didn't even share the model numbers, so it's impossible to know the specs (no, i5 and i7 aren't model numbers), but the main reason is that it's not multi-threaded. It's only using one core.
  12. COPPA has been in affect for two decades. This is just an update to it. He either doesn't understand what cookies are for, or he's trying to use scare tactics. They don't magically contain all your personal data. It's for children under 13, not 13 and younger.
  13. @Windows7ge @dizmo It kept bothering me that I didn't actually remember what her job was, so I dusted off my Twitter account and asked.