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  1. As title says, I need some help on network optimization for my fiber connection. I have a few questions regarding the matter; - Is it possible to prioritize one Ethernet port over another? - Is it possible to limit speed per user? - Is it possible to prioritize wired connections over Wi-Fi? - What are the best parameters to use in the following Wi-Fi settings: > Beacon period > RTS threshold > DTIM period > Frag threshold The router that I use is a Tilgin HG1522.
  2. Need help on network optimization and more

    Good to know, altough I have no idea how to update the firmware on my router or even if I manage to do so, I don't exactly know how to set it up. Is there a way to back up current settings? Does routers support that? I've been digging through my settings and couldn't find anything of such in the router config. ** Just searched my router on dd-wrt and apparently mine is not supported.
  3. Gta V Problem

    Try turning MSAA and FXAA off, also try disabling Reflection MSAA, disable / turn off any settings in Advanced Graphics tab. Might be a new update for your graphics driver which may have changed the settings for your game (Something like GeForce Experience Optimized Settings maybe, does AMD has that? I don't know.)
  4. As title says, two of my Kodak memory cards died a day apart from each other while still being used on their respective devices. Both are 16gb units bought from the same place, 2 of 4 cards. The other 2, one being a 32g in my Drift HD 1080 and the other one, 64g in my camera, are still working fine. These two however, died a day apart from each other and currently no device or PC can recognize them. When I plug it into my Asus K55, the PC stops responding, when I plug it to my higher end notebook, it shows nothing in Disk Manager. Is there a way to revive these two, or how to avoid further occurances as such? All assist and opinions are appreciated.
  5. I do not wish to recover any data from them, I'm just curious if the current unreadable state of these cards are caused by a filesystem error that can be fixed so that I can use them again. Is it possible?
  6. Best "light" games

    Orion: Prelude is tolerable if you'ld enjoy shooting at dinos and have a few friends who will play it with you.
  7. They were fairly new aswell, If I recall corrently about 3 and a half months old. I'm no expert, but are they suppoused to die so soon?
  8. So I bought this laptop a while back. Recently I sent it back to the service to get it some extra parts. an SSD and a new 8gig of RAM. Got it back just recently, was checking things in CPU-Z and suddenly I've noticed this: the memory that got added: I have not observed any performance issues, altough I do feel bothered by this, and given the previous issues I had with the PC I'll demand a replacement for the BETTER PERFORMING Ram module. My question to you is; 1) Will this cause an issue? 2) Which module is the better one that I should ask a second one of? (I'm assuming the GSkill one)
  9. Considering the major inconviences I've had with this particular brand and all the frustration sending this to the warranty 3 times in the past, and paying for parts that they claim to fix the 'problems' I was having with the device, I was expecting them to match the A-Data stick for another A-Data one. You could say I am priveliged at this point because of all the things they have put me through. You'ld understand if you knew the full story. I don't want them to necesasrily match the A-Data one, whichever that performs better, I'll ask for a matching one. And no, they don't have to search the internet for a matching stick. Is that how distributors work over there? I'm pretty sure they have dozens of sticks lying around as both the A-Data and GSkill option is still listed in the devices on their website.
  10. Correct, GSkill was the added one. I'll not pay for a new stick, I'll call them to get them send me a matching stick of the better performing one, switch out the other one and send it back to them, at this point they are basically obliged because of my previous issues with this device-- just recently got it back from the service, which was the 3rd time in less than two months ( They couldn't solve my issue, had to send it over and over again )
  11. Here's the CPU. The rest of the system houses a GTX1050, a 5400RPM 1TB Seagate128m HDD, a 256gb Samsung SSD with 500-something R&W values Do help me choose. Edit: Fixed typo
  12. As title said, laptop went unresponsive during gaming, waited a good 10 minutes. Turned it off, now the Windows won't boot and when I try to boot from my USB that has a clean Windows 10 to repair, I just load into a black screen after Windows logo. HELP
  13. That was really helpful of you.
  14. Also, nuking my HDD without any backup doesn't seem like a great idea..
  15. Being in college I don't have access to my desktop nor any of my tools,are there any alternatives? And since when Windows is so fragile? .. Using Windows 8 on my desktop and the amount of force shutdowns and crashes that OS can handle is mesmerizing. Is this something Windows 10 does a lot?
  16. Hello everyone, I have a few questions regarding to said topic and a few other things about USB ports aswell. Within the next week I'll be making multiple presentations in my classes, altough it is possible for me to make it work through the college's own computers, I first would like to know if is there a way to get the VGA projectors in my school to work with my laptop. The ports I have in my laptop are: USB 2.0 1x USB 2.0 USB 3.0 2x USB 3.0 (USB3.1 Gen1) (Type-A) USB 3.1 1x USB 3.0 (USB3.1 Gen1) (Type-C) HDMI 1x HDMI (HDCP) Mini Display 1x Mini Display 1.2 and 1x Mini Display 1.3 These are the ports I have and I dont know what type of adapter or converter I can get to make the VGA work with my laptop. The projector's other back ports are not accesible at this point and It is not possible for me to use my HDMI cable. It is connecte to a wall socket that you mount a VGA extension to the main case to get the video input. Now that's that, could someone also shortly explain me the difference between USB 3.0 and 3.1, The uses of Mini Displays and Type C? Much thanks!
  17. Connecting a VGA Projector to a laptop

    Type C is the smaller connector right? What type of devices has this connector generally?
  18. Connecting a VGA Projector to a laptop

    Oh, I did not know those were a thing, I knew about the DVI / VGA connectors but thought HDMI was too ahead of VGA's time to be compatible. Cant order from Amazon at this point hence I live overseas but I'll see where I can find one. Appreciated!
  19. You may look into this psu and the ones like it, ThermalTake has been about the Efficency market for a while as far as I know, their power ratings have multiple options and you may pick one you like.
  20. Hello everyone About a week ago I bought a Monster gaming notebook, the full specs are as follows: Intel Core i7 7700HQ 2.8-3.8 Ghz 6MB Nvdia GTX1050 4Gb 128B DX12 8 Gb DDR4 2133mhz SODIMM with a 1TB Seagate ST1000LM048 HDD SATA-3 7mm 128MB currently and an SSD to come; 17.3" IPS Matte LED Screen Backlit keyboard, numerious pheripherals etc. Runs on Windows 10 Pro. As exciting as this was for me given that I now have a way to have fun in my free time during college, I am getting highly noticeable stuttering in GTA Online, which leads to major dissapointment. In my attempt to pinpoint the issue i've tried various things, before I talk about them here are the settings. As you can see I've lowered most of the settings below Nvidia's recommendations, apart from 1 setting, Ambint Occlusion, but here is when it gets interesting. It doesnt matter which settings I use, NVidia's optimized settings, my prefered settings or the lowest possible I can set. I still get stuttering whatsoever. Any help would be appreciated at this point hence I'm extremely new to any sort of new hardware (My old and faithful rig is a M5A97 - Phenom II X4 - GT630 combination - lol! ) At first I thought It could be thermal throttling given that it is a notebook after all, but the laptop runs on a high performance cooler, the temperatures roam around 70-80 degrees under load, and the fan control doesnt even go up to 100% when I'm getting the stuttering ( I run the fans at 100% when I'm gaming, tried automatic to see what happens during stuttering) neither does the CPU cores reach their max speed or clock down (the CPU clocks up to 3.8Ghz under load, sits around 3.4 during GTA) As I said above, any help is appreciated.
  21. More or less sensitivity?

    As far as I know from nothing but my own experience, highest hardware sensivity & lowest software sensivity gives the best precision for the average user, For example, if you have a mouse that is 5800DPI, always use it at 5800 DPI and lower your Windows && Game sensivity settings manually, which will result in a more fluid panning & movement. But, as always, I may be wrong.
  22. UPDATE: It was this setting all along.. Earlier it was set to Multiple Display Performance Mode, which was allowing my GPU to make use of built in Intel HD Graphics 630, and therefore building up more heat on the CPU. Disabled it, lost a few frames, Runs smoother than ever.. I am..at peace
  23. I have a 7700HQ on my laptop and it definetly runs hot, so hot that it tjunctions, which renders the only game I play unplayable. I'll try cooking a slice on pepperoni on my Intel soon.
  24. Need CPU cooler that wont interfear with RAM slots

    Would be more helpful if you could share the Motherboard model and case dimensions and model aswell, If you have enough room you may look into Thermaltake's NiC (Non-interference cooler) series that are meant to go into most ATX cases, they are not very small, but they fit into most ATX cases just right, I believe you need to have about 28cm cooler clearance.