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  1. I'ld sit and think how I'm gonna get a new one given that I have to work for a new one and need a computer to get through the whole job&stress process.
  2. Also, here is how the thermals look like when the CPU runs Prime95 at default Clock and Voltage
  3. I have recenty overclocked my Phenom II X4 945 from 3.0 Ghz to 3.7Ghz and been testing it on Prime95 since, after an hour or so under 100% load, (My CPU sits at toasty 89 Degrees celcius the moment 100% Load starts on both 4 Cores) I start to see massive power and frequency drops, My Power draw is 98.80W and I see it go down to 26W or so along with some cores dropping down to 987 Mhz. I never get any blue screens or freezes or stuttering, Is this a stability issue? Should I give more voltage or drop down the CPU speed? The default voltage of my CPU is 1.3v and it's running at 1.425 or so, I am overclocking with Offset voltage by giving it a +0.125000 range, Spread Spectrum is disabled, LLC is enabled and CPU/NB Frequency is overclocked from 2000 Mhz to 2250 Mhz aswell with 0.0875000v in Offset mode aswell. Is my CPU thermal throttling, or is it just unable to go this far? // I am using a Thermaltake NiC F3 Cooler // I have been using this CPU for a while and only recently I got an aftermarket cooler, The highest temperature I have seen a long time ago was 98 Degrees when ı went against 7 CPU-Experts in AoE III, which resulted in a CPU Overheating error, So the shutdown point is about 95-98 I guess. Another side note, GTA V also crashes randomly, which I assume this is the cause of it. CPU sits at 57 Degrees Celcius at idle and runs @3.7Ghz, And Voltages never seem to drop even tho it's in Offset mode
  4. One thing that got me curious tho, Even tho the cores are obviously being underclocked to prevent my AMD going Grill (Haha, see what I did there?) how is it still passing the Prime95 tests? Why arent the cores failing? Why Prime95 shows no failure while other applications (Namely only being GTA V) crash?
  5. Well, after a bit of digging in, It appears my CPU's maximum operating temperature is 71 Degrees Celcius, but that doesnt make sense, Even tho I have an aftermarket cooler, a case with a dozen performance fans on a very decent scheme and cable management, EVEN AT STOCK SPEEDS my CPU runs about 75 degrees or so. It drops down the multiplier as you see And here you can see it's current state while running Prime95
  6. Hello again, Been messing around with my system lately, overclocking whatever I could out of it, Pulled the cpu from 3.0 to 3.7, NB from 2.0 to 2.25 etc, one thing I realized during all this was my RAM speeds are inconsistent. I have 3x4GB GSkill Ripjaws 1600mhz PC312800 Ram installed on my Motherboard on the slots 2,3 and 4, first slot is vacant because my CPU cooler is interfering with it ( I use a NiC F3, a Non-interferance cooler, how ironic) CPU-Z Shows my SPD as 800, I know its *2 so its 1600. When I try Wmic MemoryChip Get Speed, I get 1333mhz as a result, parts of my BIOS is showing as 1333 aswell and some parts of my BIOS is showing 1639Mhz, Do you have an idea what is causing this? Screenshows below
  7. Well, thank you, that's one less thing I have to worry about then!
  8. Memory tab is as follows: Not exactly a pro, especially on this matter where everything I look at shows a different speed, so 822*2=1644, it runs fine then?
  9. @FTL My Motherboard is an Asus M5A97 Le R2.0 and honestly I have no idea what XMP is
  10. Uhm, My CPU and my CPU/NB is overclocked right now. One thing tho, Because increasing my CPU frequency from 200 to 246, I had to drop down the RAM speed 1 step down (To 1639, you can see in the second picture, If I am to leave it on default It would have to be 1960mhz, which I hardly think that my RAM would be able to handle)
  11. I saw CPU frequency on some cores drop down to 987~mhz and Wattage to 26W during 4-cpu testing period, the Benchmark took about 10 minutes to finish, forgot to add, the Core temperatures went down to 68 or so in 3 or so seconds as soon as the 4-core testing finished and went down to 1-core testing and went from there
  12. Greetings As title says, I want to overclock my Phenom II X4 945 to its capable limits, on an Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 motherboard. Now, I am not exactly a stranger to overclocking, but as it goes with anything, my knowledge is fairly outdated, my only practice was with a DRD (I believe it's a failed transition between DDR and DDR2) System running a Pentium 4 when I got my new rig at 2005, housing an Athlon II X2 so I thought I could have fun with my old system. My system specs is as followed: Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 AM3+ AMD 970 + SB950 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard AMD Phenom II X4 945 3.0 GHZ 6MB Processor + ThermalTake NiC F4 Cooler3x4=12GB GSkill Ripjaws 1866Mhz DDR3 Dual Channel RAMThermalTake SmartPower 80+ Bronze 550W PSU WD C. Blue 64mb 1TB HDDWD C. Blue 16mb 500GB HDDDark Raiden ATX Case ( A Local brand case, installed 5x Asiahorse Solar Eclipse fans - 2x on Front, 2x at the top and 1x at Rear, has a 14cm Side intake currently vacant) Asus Nvidia Gt630 - Looking for a card to upgrade it currently, most likely will be a GTX770 or GTX960 Now, you may say, holy god you have a horrible graphics card, your system is already bottlenecked even tho your CPU is lackluster aswell, and you'ld be right, but the reason why I want to overclock is because I need more processing power/speed for playing strategy games against CPU controlled players and more importantly, for fun. I play lots of strategy games for intensive hours against multiple CPU-controlled enemies, which results in massive stuttering, even in Age of Empires III when I go against 6 or more CPU-opponents. I am currently using a Thermaltake NiC F3 cooler and running the CPU @3.7GHz, the clocks are as follows: Voltages are Now, what got me struggling is my numerious BIOS settings that I'm not exactly familiar with. I have way too many settings such as VDDA voltage, ND voltage, NB HT, NB 1.8 etc. And I need some guidance with these voltages and settings. Should I change CPU/NB Frequency? Should I change HT Link Speed? Does leaving Voltage on Auto means it will draw more power when needed, or does it just mean default at all times? Am I doing right with the Offset clocking, am I giving too much voltage? I have tried running Prime95 Blend Test on all 4 cores for about an hour, so far it didnt crash but the temperatures get a bit scary, around 75 Degrees Celcius, but I have seen 98 Degrees Celcius with this system during gaming(AoE III, against 11 CPU-Experts), gave me a CPU Overheat warning and turned itself off, but survived, that was with my old case and old cooler at default clocks. My Idle temps and voltages are as follows: Can you guide me through what settings to enable / disable when overclocking and what else to do to get optimum performance increase altogether?
  13. They are fairly the same price, worthwhile you may want o check this thread of mine Now, I have just finished Prime95 Benchmarking without a crash, It went all the way up to 90 Degrees Celcius during 8192k FFT on 4 CPUs and 4 Workers, A line of the results were as follows: Timings for 8192K FFT length (4 cpus, 4 workers): 213.41, 188.45, 205.37, 257.02 ms. Throughput: 18.75 iter/sec. Not sure if these numbers are good or anything, but does it mean my overclocking is stable?
  14. Aware of that sadly, but given that I'm looking for a used one and R9 is fairly new compared to the market in here, it costs 50% more compared to those 2
  15. Yeah, noticed the lacking parts of this mobo lately, no heatsink on transistors and only 4-pin cpu header and no USB 3.0 header etc. But given how my CPU draws 95W at default and 98W at current 3.7Ghz, it should be fine, right?
  16. The company belongs to A4 Tech, It was a decent deal on this particular one, so thats why I got it
  17. Greetings! I have a question regarding Hybrid mice in general. In my case, a Bloody R80 This mouse comes with 4 piece hardware, The mouse itself, a Micro USB B cable, a wireless extension cord, and a wireless adapter. If I want to use the mouse with my potato laptop, It takes up two USB slots because of the scenario I'll be explaining below: Scheme A: Wireless Adapter goes into USB Slot 1, Wireless extension hub goes into USB Slot 2, USB Cable goes into the Mouse and the Wireless extension hub for charging. Scheme B: Wireless Adapter goes into Wireless extension hub, Extension hub goes into USB Slot 1, USB Cable goes into mouse and the USB Slot 2, for charging during use Long story short, If I am to use this mouse just like a regular mouse on my desktop which I am currently trying to upgrade when I get home (At college RN, Linguistics is hard dude) It will take 2 USB slots. Wireless adapter must be plugged in for it to work. I have tried restarting my pc while the mouse is just connected through the USB, I have tried connecting it directly, I have tried connecting it through the extension hub. It just doesnt work. Given that both my current laptop and my next gaming laptop(Looking forward to it *gasp*) have only 3 USB slots, Using it on my desk when I'M gaming, leaves no vacant USB slots (I'm using a Cooler and a keyboard aswell, Cooler has 2 USB outputs and the keyboard is plugged through that) Sorry for the long post, Am I missing something here? How can I make this mouse work like a wired mouse without using 2 USB slots?
  18. Oh well, the 'advertising' said I was going to get a Razer or a Thermaltake or perhaps a Logitech but their prices are crazy down here, so. Just wanted to see if was I doing something wrong. thanks!
  19. Greetings! As title says; I am looking to get a new GPU for my Potato rig that I am slightly upgrading. Here, let me list out the specs: Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 AM3+ AMD 970 + SB950 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard AMD Phenom II X4 945 3.0 GHZ 6MB Processor + ThermalTake NiC F4 Cooler 3x4=12GB GSkill Ripjaws 1866Mhz DDR3 Dual Channel RAM ThermalTake SmartPower 80+ Bronze 550W PSU with 504W of power at 12V Max WD C. Blue 64mb 1TB HDD WD C. Blue 16mb 500GB HDD Dark Raiden ATX Case ( A Local brand case, installed 5x Asiahorse Solar Eclipse fans - 2x on Front, 2x at the top and 1x at Rear, has a 14cm Side intake currently vacant) And finally a potato GPU of Asus Nvidia GeForce GT630 2GB 128-bit with 810Mhz core and 1800Mhz Memory speed. The rig is currently running Windows 8 Pro, and as you can see from the specs, its not really impressive. The GPU is very subpar and I'm looking to replacing it. This computer is currently used for extended hours of intense gaming (GTA V & BF3 etc @Low-Mid settings @30~fps Things to consider when getting the new GPU Must not burn a hole in my wallet. Cannot give you a price range because of market pricing ( a $200 card should be 700₺ but its 1200₺ instead -- example) Not looking for something very high end, As you can see my CPU is fairly lackluster and I dont have the budget to upgrade it anytime soon, must not bottleneck too much(No xx70-xx80s) My case supports up to 30cm VGA cards. Must fit Must work with my current PSU. My PSU has the necessary GPU power outputs (8Pin and 6Pin etc) but as you can see its not very high capacity. Must give noticeable FPS increase, To elaborate, I want to be able to play games at medium settings after this upgrade at 45~ FPS On a side note, I want the take all the load from my GPU. I want the next bottlenecking part of my system is to be my CPU. To elaborate, Lets say I want to play GTA V at the highest graphics my system can handle, I want to be able to push my GPU to the level where my CPU can no longer keep up. I plan to get a CPU in the future, an AMD FX X6 or X8 maybe, but as I stated above, not anytime soon. Preferances An Asus Nvidia card. I know a lot of you guys would recommend going for a Radeon hence my CPU but I dont feel comfortable with AMD GPUs from my past experiences. What I dont care VR Support and very futuristic tech like the new PCI-E interface and whatnot. Hence this card will stay on this motherboard for the rest of its life, I want something that will run just right with my current CPU and my next one ( Performance matching wise) Thank you for your time if you have read this far and cared to comment your opinion
  20. The thread died rather quickly, oh well..
  21. So, any thoughts about what to go for in that list?
  22. Well, I will keep that in mind
  23. Alrighty, I increased my price range by a notch and found some much better results. The list is as follows: Asus GTX 950 ROG Strix Asus R9 280 Sapphire R9 285 Dual-X O.C Asus R9 270X Powercolor R9 270X TurboDuo OC Evga GTX 950 2 GB SSC SAPPHIRE HD 7970 - This got my interest Sapphire Dual-X R9 280 OC and finally a Sapphire Radeon HD6990 Any opinion would be appreciated, as I'm having the hardest time deciding, being the newbie I am
  24. I see. Powercolor and Zotac and Sapphire etc always seem to be less expensive than their original counterpart ( Asus, AMD, MSI etc) and I take it that they are some side-brands, dont know, probably from my previous marketing experiences. Which was about 3 to 5 years ago, so I'ld say my thoughts are fairly outdated.