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  1. As title says, I'm but a rookie when it comes to networking, so let me sum this up: A Zyxel VMG8324-B10A router provides civilization and freedom to my home, with a tiny bit of 35mbps connection. 3 Gaming computers are hooked up to the ethernet ports of the router. Various wireless devices are connected to the router. Sometimes, guests connect to my network, jump to YouTube, and put on a 1080p video, watching it from a 5" screen, which ultimately results in my network bandwith getting sucked, my ping getting high, and my gaming / watching experience ruined. What I want to do is: Prioritize Ethernet traffic over any WLAN traffic. Limit WLAN Bandwith Prioritize certain WLAN devices over any other WLAN device, if possible. Router supports basic QoS as far as I can see. And dd-wrt doesnt have my router supported--but then, I wouldnt be able to go through all the settings with my tiny knowledge even if it did. Long story short, if it's not too much of a hassle, could I get some help accomplishing said goals? All these settings are default
  2. Sadly, HyperX Cloud Core is not among the discounts currently and SHP9500 for some reason, is equal to $178 (680₺ or so) for whatever reason, so sadly they are not an option. G231 looks charming but what about the Rig 400 and the Siberia 200? Bouncing between these 3 currently
  3. Uhm...good for you, I guess?? How does this help?
  4. As title says, I have evaluated a few candidates within the same price range. Current contestants are: Logitech G231 Prodigy - I like the folding mic on this one Steelseries Siberia 200 White - Looks elegant Bloody G501 Radar360 7.1 - Matches with the rest of the peripherals HP Omen 800 Coolermaster MasterPulse Bass FX - Looks fine MSI DS501 Sennheiser HD 205 Platronics Rig 400 Stereo Plantronics Rig 500HX (XboxOne?) - Looks extremely attractive || 500E version not avaliable Plantronics Rig 505 Lava ThermalTake TteSports Shock - I wanted to get this for a while now Could you help me choose? I would make a call but I either heard or read something bad about my go-to's so I can't really make a conclusion, and I don't know much about specs so I can't decide that way either. It will be used for gaming and everyday use, on my Laptop, which has a sound card compatible with SoundBlaster Cinema 3 software. So yeah, I'm clueless, help.
  5. As title says, managed damage my wall somehow when I'm doing cleaning, my landlord kinda minds this type of things, is there a way that I can repair this with household items? I'ld look up the net but I don't even know what kind of "wall" it is, so. Any help is appreciated
  6. Sadly the reouters they use do not support Ethernet connections, crazy, right?
  7. So, imagine this scenario, you're in college, you brought your laptop with you to game, except, there's one problem, you're limited to the internet connection that your university is providing you. On such network, speeds are limited to 5mbps per persona. If this was the case, would you use your laptop's built in Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 to connect to the said network or an external USB adapter, an AirtTies 2310, that can support higher dB output? The building is fairly old and even tho the Wireless-AC 8265 is faster in theory(>800mbps) whilst the 2310 can only support up to 150mbps, I think the higher dB output on the external adapter will yield better connection quality? Network is a derivate of eduroam, I believe it is international. The protocols are EAP/PAP - TTLS. Which one would you use, the Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 or the AirTies 2310?
  8. We have 3 high end gaming laptops in the household and all 3 of them uses different brands of RAM. Mine uses A-Data, at first I was sceptical but it has been running fine, also Crucial is fairly reputable and competitive, you see their products being used on high end systems on channels like Jayz and Linus all the time, I'ld say go for it, as we are kinda past the point where cummy brands can't exist anymore, on the online market at least, IF you are shopping from a credible store.
  9. Yes, I have reinstalled many of the software and drivers after the update, doesn't seem to work. Update: Fixed. Deleted the following from regedit and both problems are gone. On a side note, Intel, get your bricks together. [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Background\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\igfxDTCM] @="{9B5F5829-A529-4B12-814A-E81BCB8D93FC}"
  10. As the title says, ever since I updated my Windows, I am having the trouble following: Incredibly slow response time on desktop Right Click Games going black screen when played in Fullscreen. Happens in GTA V, Titanfall and Guardians of Orion Tried a few things online and can't seem to find a solution, so where better to go. System specs summary: i7 7700HQ 16G DDR4 2133 256gb SSD + HDD GTX 1050 All drivers are up to date. No bloatware. Was not a problem before the update, and the PC is in the same condition. No hardware changes, no new software. Any help is appreciated
  11. Good to know, altough I have no idea how to update the firmware on my router or even if I manage to do so, I don't exactly know how to set it up. Is there a way to back up current settings? Does routers support that? I've been digging through my settings and couldn't find anything of such in the router config. ** Just searched my router on dd-wrt and apparently mine is not supported.
  12. As title says, I need some help on network optimization for my fiber connection. I have a few questions regarding the matter; - Is it possible to prioritize one Ethernet port over another? - Is it possible to limit speed per user? - Is it possible to prioritize wired connections over Wi-Fi? - What are the best parameters to use in the following Wi-Fi settings: > Beacon period > RTS threshold > DTIM period > Frag threshold The router that I use is a Tilgin HG1522.
  13. Try turning MSAA and FXAA off, also try disabling Reflection MSAA, disable / turn off any settings in Advanced Graphics tab. Might be a new update for your graphics driver which may have changed the settings for your game (Something like GeForce Experience Optimized Settings maybe, does AMD has that? I don't know.)