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  1. A search through my browser history and Chrome download history have confirmed the file is indeed off the recovery image I downloaded for that Surface last week. File has been disposed of. We're all good.
  2. That's what I thought at first but when I scanned the folder came up with nothing. I'm thinking it may be leftover from when I made that recovery drive for my friend's Surface. Trying to confirm now.
  3. Never even heard of this software.
  4. I need someone more tech savvy than me to see if they have any idea what this folder is. I had this 'boot' folder appear on my desktop and I didn't put it there. Here's what's in it: I checked C: Windows and it has a boot folder in there as well with different stuff which matches my brother's PC and my Surface Pro, but I have no idea where this came from. Anybody got anything? I did make a recovery drive a couple weeks ago for my friends PC, could it be remnants of that I forgot to clear out?
  5. Still not finding the 'Connect With Audio Access' thing. When I double click my phone I get this.
  6. No dice. My phone and PC are paired but when I go to play music on my phone it doesn't give me the option to play over anything other than my iPhone speakers.
  7. How does that work?
  8. So I have an iPhone and a Windows 10 PC. Is it possible to play music from my phone on my PC through a Bluetooth connection? If it is, how do you do it? I've been messing with this for like an hour and had no success with it. Thanks
  9. Wow! Looks like I built my rig just in time (about 6 weeks ago). Managed to get my 1080 for $525.
  10. Alright, so I got Afterburner and after playing with it for a few hours this is what I came up with... I was able to get the 1080 stable at 2113MHz with the memory at 5705MHz. I also went back and bumped my 7700k up to 5GHz. My Afterburner settings: Unigine Heaven Before and After: Firestrike Before and After: I also ran TimeSpy and got just under a 7000 after overclocking. I forgot to get a screenshot though. How'd I do?
  11. Thanks! Looks like Afterburner may be the way to go then. What should I be aware of while I'm playing with it so I don't ruin my card? Moving the power and temp limit up like that post says should be fine right?
  12. May have to hit up Youtube then. Is there a method to use to safely find the card's limits? Extra horsepower would be nice but I'm not willing to sacrifice stability or reliability. This thing is too expensive to go and be breaking it or something.
  13. Is it even capable of that? What's generally the ceiling on these cards?
  14. How much is a lot?
  15. I wouldn't say it's struggling or anything, no, but a little extra juice for BF1 would be nice. Why? Cause I'm greedy, mostly. My monitor is also 165Hz. So no, my GPU isn't outpacing my monitor's framerate. At least not on Battlefield. I'm just not sure of what kind of increase could be had from an overclock. If it's nothing significant I probably won't bother with it.