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  1. MekaStrix

    LG OLED B7

    I thought it was pretty much impossible to get burn on an LCD until I bought an LG G4 and got burn in but that's a phone so icons are always present at the top... My tv habits are 3 hours a day at the most and I don't watch everyday either. I don't watch the News I hear enough of that on the radio when driving, I watch a movie here and there which are usually between 1.5 to 3 hours thats the most viewing I do in one day. I only watch NHL and only follow one team anyway and I watch football (soccer) but only the team I support so not everyday. I would consider these healthy tv habits and would expect the tv to last a fair while before having issues.
  2. MekaStrix

    LG OLED B7

    Hi I bought an OLED B7 tv but have read all sorts about screen burn in and people saying don’t watch sports or any program with static images cause it will burn in. This has put me off keeping this tv I watch all sorts on tv from movies to sport and general programs is burn something that will happen or might happen? Has anyone owned an oled for a very long time with no issues?? Thanks
  3. I've gone with the B7 the extra 400 should be well worth it I like the idea of deeper contrast my current tv always has a slight glow bottom and top black bars when watching movies but then it's not very uniform in back light it's a higher end LG 43"
  4. It will mostly use it for movies and pairing it with my LG 5.1 cinema sound system of which my current 43" doesn't do justice as the sound is immersive but the TV is a bit too small at 3.5 meter viewing distance
  5. True I don't think TV shops turn them off tbh the ones in super markets run 24 hours a day for a whole year until they are replaced with new models and we are talking cheaper brands as well that live up to the test not OLED of course but still just shows they can cope with constant use so I guess a lot of the retention issue comes back from early models i've ordered the B7 at the moment from LG I know the B8 is coming but the 2017 models have a massive discount for this reason plus I was given an extra 20% off with a voucher so wont get it cheaper the Nano Cell did look enticing though at about 400 cheaper only thing it can't do is as good contrast and deep shades
  6. Hi, I'm looking at getting a larger tv as I currently have a 43" UHD tv which is a little small for my viewing distance. I trying to decide between OLED and Nano Cell I was set on the OLED until I saw all these reviews about banding and screen retention and so looked in to nano cell which is apparently almost as good just not in terms of contrast but still hesitant in terms of pricing the nano cell is £719 for the 55" and the OLED is £1198 for the 55" Does OLED really suffer with these problems and are they common issues.
  7. Funny enough I bought 2 mx brown boards and they both felt different one from corsair and one from Asus and I must say I prefer the Asus one the Caps can make a huge difference as well in my opinion also the stabilizer corsair uses are awful the spar bar rattles whereas on my Asus Claymore keyboard it's more of a solid noise.
  8. I bought an Asus Claymore with MX Browns in the end but I was having some issue with it disconnecting but it seems to be fine since I updated my bios so all good now I have had reds and Browns in the past and honestly Browns just feel like slightly heavier reds to me unless you really look for that bump I can't notice it. Reds feel a bit too light but it's been a while since I had reds they were in my first mechanical keyboard Corsair K95
  9. I updated the motherboard BIOS and so far it hasn't disconnected
  10. I have tried everything now the keyboard still keeps disconnecting and then windows comes up with a message saying the device has malfunctioned and can't recognize it
  11. ok thanks i'll give that a try. I'm right in thinking this is most probably a software issue rather than a hardware issue if the keyboard works fine once re-plugged in?
  12. Hi, I bought an Rog Claymore but it keeps disconnecting and then a little message pops up in the bottom right saying that windows does not recognize the device. I have a feeling it is something interfering with the Armoury software at start up of windows because once the PC is running and I have unplugged and re-plugged the keyboard in a couple times it starts to work without issue. I do have a corsair mouse so my first suspect is the Corsair Cue software interfering I have updated my Chipset drivers and checked for windows updates and suggestions on what could be causing this from my keyboard / PC
  13. Hi, been looking at these two mice both seem to have really good sensors but I can’t decide which to get they also look similar shape. Any one had experience with both these?
  14. I'm pretty much deciding between the Republic of Gamers Claymore with MX Browns or the Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 with Greentech/razer Green switches