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  1. Have you tried ?
  2. My games is an folder that I put game saves in it. But the American Truck Simulator game save is not detected in the My Games folder therefore when I play American Truck Simulator it prompts me that I don't have any game saves.
  3. I was given a carked game American Truck Simulator. Every time I move the game save (American Truck Simulator) to the My Games folder, when I play the game the save is not detect. Is there any way to move the save location while the game be able to still detect where the save location of the game when i'm playing ?
  4. Is google password alert need or is it junk. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/password-alert/noondiphcddnnabmjcihcjfbhfklnnep
  5. This might seem stupid, but every time i turn on the slider it reset its self when i exit the program? This option is to allow the background to fill the whole screen then just part of it.
  6. Is this laptop good for gaming and CASE tools ? Laptop
  7. In computer engineering do you design the architecture of CPU or GPU and other hardware/integrated circuits.