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About QuantumElement

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    Guy who likes Power Supplies
  • Birthday 1998-06-19

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    The Power Supply Guy™
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    GethLegion N7

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    United States
  • Interests
    PCs and Power Supplies
  • Occupation
    San Manuel Utility Worker


  • CPU
    Intel Core I7-7700
  • Motherboard
    MSI B250M Mortar
  • RAM
    4x4gb HyperX Fury DDR4 2400Mhz
  • GPU
    ASUS GTX 1060 Strix OC
  • Case
    Corsair C70 Vengeance
  • Storage
    1x TB Western Digital 7200RPM, 1x 750 Seagate 7200RPM, 1x 2tb SeaGate Barracuda 7200RPM, 1x 120gb PNY 2.5" SSD
  • PSU
    SeaSonic Prime 650w 80+ Titanium
  • Display(s)
    x2 Acer KG271 bmiix 27" Full HD (1920 x 1080) TN Monitor
  • Cooling
    Cyrorig H7 w/ Corsair ML120 fans in Push/Pull
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K70 Rapidfire RGB
  • Mouse
    Logitech G502
  • Sound
    Corsair VOID RGB - Carbon
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
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  1. QuantumElement

    Will I need different/more power?

    You'll be fine. I don't expect that system to draw much more than 350w at any given time.
  2. QuantumElement

    Starbucks is tired of you watching porn on their Free Wi-Fi

    Oh no... what ever will the porn watchers do? *Uses VPN*
  3. QuantumElement

    what is the best cheap min 430W PSU ??

    Nothing wrong. 2018 RMx is simply newer.
  4. QuantumElement

    what is the best cheap min 430W PSU ??

    Corsair CX450 (2017) Corsair RMx (2018) BitFenix Formula Gold Bitfenix Whisper M Seasonic Focus Gold and Gold Plus Antec EarthWatts Gold Pro EVGA G2 and G3
  5. QuantumElement

    Corsair RM 650 vs Antec EA 750 G Pro

    The RMs are older, but they're still pretty good. If you're talking about the RMx 2018, then definitely. Excellent unit. The new Antec Earthwatts is literally a Seasonic FOCUS, so it's pretty good. If it's RM vs Antec, nothing wrong with either, but I'd get the newer unit: The Antec.
  6. QuantumElement

    Which psu should i choose?

    The Toughpower Grand RGB is okay. Poorly priced, however. MWE Gold isn't bad, either. But there are better options. I'm not going to quote the tier list, I'll give you a tiny list of PSUs I recommend. EVGA G2 - G3 is smaller, but this is arguably an overall better unit over the G3. EVGA G3 - Don't worry about the users reeing over the protections. They're set high (and low in some cases), but they work. Corsair RMx 2018 - This and the Whisper M and Formula gold are the best mid-ranged units. Corsair CX450 - If you don't want to spend much, it's very well built for the price. BitFenix Formula Gold - Basically a Whisper M, but it's non-modular BitFenix Whisper M - Excellent all around.
  7. QuantumElement

    my seasonic m12ii520b

    The SeaSonic M12II is truly a garbage PSU. You say you have an EVGA bronze, but there are two models that immediately come to mind. The W1 and B1. Both aren't great. If you're aiming to get a new power supply, I would certainly go for a CX450. It's an excellent unit for 45$. I would trust a CX450 with higher end modern components, like Ryzen 5 with even up to a 1070, so it'll certainly handle any R9 card. If you want to keep a PSU for a long while and are willing to spend more, then you have a few more options: BitFenix Formula Gold BitFenix Whisper M EVGA G2 or EVGA G3 Corsair RMx 2018 To answer the wattage question, 600w is certainly not needed. I doubt your system will draw more than 350 watts under load. So a 450-550w unit will be just fine. To add more detail, don't dwell on efficiency or brand. They are not determining factors for PSU quality and performance. Most modern PSUs meet ATX spec in most or all ways, so it's more important to look at build quality (in my opinion). The PSUs I mentioned above meet ATX specification, have working protections (People will ree over the G3's protections being high, but they still work), and are built well.
  8. QuantumElement

    Corsair RM850x vs HX750i?

    Both the HX and RMx platforms are near godlike. Only a few power supplies out there that can compete with them.
  9. QuantumElement

    PSU - Comparison

    Prime Ultra.
  10. QuantumElement

    EVGA G2 VS G3

    The G2 fails hold up times test (Which can be mitigated through a UPS) and although I haven't confirmed it, it supposedly lacks OTP. The G3 performance wise is excellent. But its OPP is set about the recommended 125% mark and has a high OTP trigger point. But, this is common is semi-passive/hybrid units. Many on this site will recommend against the PSU just for that, despite the real work implications not being as drastic as it seems nor is the chance of someone overloading this unit. Alternatively, you could go for the BitFenix Whisper M or the Corsair RMx. Both are solid units.
  11. QuantumElement

    Asus thor

    Hopefully so. Maybe ASUS did some other tweaks, but that’s assuring it’s based on a modern seasonic platform. This PSU is going to cost a premium that’s for sure.
  12. QuantumElement

    Help with what cpu cooler to choose?

    Thermalright Macho Rev.b or the Scythe Mugen 5. Both perform like a Noctua NH-D15, but they're only 50$.
  13. QuantumElement

    Asus thor

    The PSU itself looks really damn good, but I will wait for a proper review of the unit. If the unit isn't perfect, I don't want it.
  14. QuantumElement

    What technology would you create to solve a modern world problem?

    Replicators from Star Trek would solve most problems, including world hunger. A holodeck would be infinite amounts of fun Portable anti-matter reactors (with safe and proper containment) The list can go on...
  15. QuantumElement

    Mini: Scientists successfully test Mosquito killing gene

    Release the genophage! /s