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  1. What's your system specs? Chances are, you'd be fine with a good 650w unit. Probably could getaway with 550w.
  2. It stays in your library. I bought the game RUSE on steam years ago, then they removed it. It's still in my library and playable.
  3. I'm afraid none of those will do. Try looking for a System Power 9, Xilence Performance A+, Pure Power 11CM, or a Corsair CX550. Those are the minimum PSUs I'd use. Also, don't get a 1060 3gb. RX 570 is just as powerful as it and more often than not, it's cheaper. If it's cheaper, then go for it.
  4. I wouldn't touch that unit with a 10ft pole. Unless, of course, I had a load tester to blow it up with ?
  5. Sama has a few good units out there. The Armor Gold is actually quite good. There are a few brands out there some may have no heard of. Some of these brands have excellent PSUs and other times terrible PSUs, that's why you can't choose solely on brand. Hell, even Chieftec has one or two solid units. Look at the model itself, not the brand.
  6. No, it's quite a bad group regulated design. It can only deliver 400w of usable power. Looking at the picture above, it is indeed a group regulated design. According to the manufacturer, it lacks over temperature protections and over current protection. Honestly, I've seen worse designs, but I've definitely seen better. I wouldn't use this PSU. I feel like it's a risk to put a load on this thing with modern components. You're better off saving up and buying a new one, like a Corsair CX550, Xilence Performance A+, or Be quiet! System Power 9.
  7. Well, with a PSU, you really need to know what you're doing to repair one. Corsair is pretty good with their warranties. Maybe try their RMx lineup. If you want to save a little money, their Vengeance Silver is an amazing unit for the price. Alternatively you could go for the Bitfenix Whisper M, which is an awesome PSU, but I am not sure about how good Bitfenix warranty service is.
  8. If you live in the US, they have to because of the “right to self repair” law.
  9. Another PSU to consider is the Bitfenix Whisper M, which is better than the G2 and the RMx.
  10. This is false as it varies from model to model. Some PSUs are most efficient at 30% loads (Like the Corsair AX1600i) and some PSUs are more efficient at 80% loads. There are some PSUs that are most efficient under 50%, but it's certainly not all PSUs. Now this honestly doesn't matter as it's more efficient by a bit less than 1%
  11. 12v is used to power pretty much everything on your PC. 5v isn't used as much anymore. I believe it's just used for USB and storage devices. 5v will be found on a good modern ATX PSU. Same with 3.3v, which is even less used.
  12. My personal picks are the Bitfenix Whisper M or the be quiet! Straight Power 11. Both are very solid PSUs and will have no issues powering the PC.
  13. I'm curious since this is a DX12 that this supports crossfire in some way...
  14. Another indication that a PSU is group regulated is to look at the power distribution label. If the PSU says it can output a total a 600w but the 12v says it only outputs 400w, then that's an indication that it's group regulated. Here's some images which hopefully provide additionally clarity to those that don't know. There are two sides to a PSU. Primary and Secondary. Won't go into details on the specifics here, people like OrionFTL and JonnyGuru are better able to explain that if they wish. The two coils boxed in red are located on the secondary side. 12v and 5v are regulated on the bigger coil and the small coil has 3.3v. Now a thing to consider here is that there is a secondary topology known as Dual Mag Amp, which has two magamp coils. Better than group regulation from a performance standpoint, but in general, it's not very efficient. I think the most you can achieve is bronze efficiency. Maybe silver. It can be easy to confused the two topologies. Now, sometimes, group regulation could use one coil. I've seen a few very old PSUs with just the one coil. (credit to JonnyGuru.com for this image.) Below is a Corsair CX450, arguably the best budget PSU on the market for most areas. Boxed in red are the DC-DC converters. Now, this example shows the coils covered. But usually, the coils are exposed and mounted a daughter board(s). These regulate the minor rail outputs while the 12v is independently regulated. I think it's regulated with a switcher or something. Near the transformer. (If someone could confirm, that'd be nice. (credit to Tomshwardware.com for image) This is to the best of knowledge, so I hope this gains some insight on what to look for.
  15. Generally yes, I do. However, I sometimes misremember things and I have not looked too deeply into the VS. I just know bits and pieces. I stand corrected. Also, I am named PSUGuru because I am starting up a review site caller that. I am still learning and obviously I need to fact check more before I post.
  16. Several reasons. for the old VS series (2012 I think?) it was a low quality poor performing poorly designed unit. Not sure on protections, but I believe it lacked some. It’s also group regulated. I’ve heard many reports of those things just Dying. the new VS is better, but still not something you’d use in a gaming system. Office PCs, sure but nothing beyond that. Still group regulated and the OCP is configured to be way too loose. Allows the 12v rail to drop down to 11v, which isn’t good. Ideally you’d want go be between 11.6v-12.4v to stay within spec. The old one is something to avoid entirely. The new VS can be used on PCs that draw less than 100w but I wouldn’t use it for more than that. if you already have it, then yes, I do suggest a replacement.
  17. Good to know. How about the transient issues? Where can I find data on that?
  18. If you didn't have enough power, the PSU would simply shut off due to over power protection, assuming it has it. 99% of PSUs that I've seen, even the shitty ones, have at least OPP. But in the event that it somehow doesn't, one, replace the PSU, two it would just continue to draw that excess power until it popped.
  19. Because ACRF (Active clamp reset forward) is basically double-forward but configured to be a bit more efficient. iirc, it's more difficult to achieve better performance metrics. Double Forward whines and there's possible transient response issues when paired with high end GPUs. I have no idea if this was verified. I don't know if ACRF exhibits those same things.
  20. Personal experiences don't matter with a PSU since PSUs are so inconsistent. Hell, you could probably find someone who says their EVGA N1 has lasted them 3 years under 24/7 use. Doesn't make that unit a good one. Then again, you can also find another person who says their N1 blew up. It's why these kind of statements are irrelevant. If you already have the focus, there's little sense of buying a new PSU unless you want peace of mind, I guess.
  21. Coil whine is normal and harmless. There's nothing you can do to fix it. You can try to RMA it, but it's possible that the new unit will also whine.
  22. You can never have too many choices. I suggest those PSUs because they are good budget orientated units, so the OP has choices and can choose any one of those units that fits within the budget. The only Aerocool PSU that's good is the Project 7. iirc, the rest is junk.
  23. I would suggest: Corsair CX (2017) be quiet! System Power 9 Xilence Performance X Xilence Performance A+ be quiet! pure power 11 CM Possibly even a Bitfenix Formula Gold.
  24. https://www.jonnyguru.com/blog/2015/06/26/cooler-master-g650m-power-supply/3/ Looking at this review, I actually wouldn't believe it. Voltage regulation stays well within spec under various loads. The capacitors aren't super shit tier, but they're not great. But honestly, caps are some of the last things to go out. I don't think your software readings are correct--it does explain why your GPU would be crashing, however--but I do think it's time for a new PSU. It's 5 years old and its warranty is up. Don't get a Seasonic Focus +, it has misconfigured protections. Instead, get either: Corsair RMx Bitfenix Whisper M Bitfenix Formula Gold be quiet! Straight Power 11 Xilence Performance X (Lower tier of the four, but still good enough. Only available in areas with 230v. The US uses 120v) Corsair CX (About the same performance wise to the Performance X, but overall a tier above it.)
  25. It’s got little to do with skill and more to do with extensive research and fact checking. Knowing the right people also helps as well.