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    Intel Core I7-7700
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    4x4gb HyperX Fury DDR4 2400Mhz
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    Corsair VOID RGB - Carbon
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  1. PSUGuru

    My PSU with A 1070TI

    I still wouldn't. Group regulated PSUs are notoriously bad. You've already posted something similar to this several times and each time we tell you to replace the PSU when you can.
  2. PSUGuru

    Old PSU causing freezes?

    Ah right, keep forgetting that detail. Thanks
  3. PSUGuru

    Old PSU causing freezes?

    It could be a PSU issue. Bad voltage regulation can definitely cause crashes or freezes. I would try replacing it with a Corsair CX450. A solid PSU all around, if it is the PSU, then that’ll fix the problem.
  4. PSUGuru

    Power supply rattle sound?

    If something was loose inside you’d have potentially big issues. coils can cause a high frequency whining sound known as coil whine. It’s normal and harmless in most cases.
  5. Out of all those, the CXM. M12II is simply terrible. Group regulated, lacks protections, 10 years old, loud lacks C6/C7 sleep states Masterwatt bronze is... bottom of the barrel of acceptable. Worse than a CXM, but still acceptable as a budget unit for low wattage parts. Thermaltake is terrible for the same reason as the M12II is terrible. BQ isn't good for the simple fact that it lacks over temperature protection. (If a PSU lacks any protection, it's a no in my book.) But if I might offer a different suggestion: Bitfenix Formula Gold 550w. You can get it just under 80$ and it's far better than any of those PSUs listed above. https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16817376010? It's actually 70$ https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1328664-REG/bitfenix_bp_wg550umag_7fm_whisper_550m_80_plus.html? 10$ more but it's fully modular.
  6. PSUGuru

    Power supply rattle sound?

    That's weird. There are no moving parts in a PSU except for the fan. Rattling implies something is loose and vibrating within the PSU. Are you able to post a short video with the sound?
  7. PSUGuru

    Is this power supply a good pick up ?

    The EVGA 430w is a rather terrible unit. Definitely a good idea to replace it. The EVGA BQ is a no on my list for the simple fact is lacks over temperature protection. Here's a list of PSUs that I would personally get: Corsair RMx Corsair TXM Corsair CX (2017) Bitfenix Formula Gold Bitfenix Whisper M Formula gold is about 70$ and the best bang for your buck when it comes to quality and performance, but it's non-modular.
  8. Looking around, I've compiled a short list of decent-solid PSUs from lazada.sg. I don't know what your budget it, so I'll just post a range. https://www.lazada.sg/products/nzxt-e650-full-modular-650w-80-gold-psu-with-software-control-i308838496-s559208780.html?spm=a2o42.searchlistcategory.list.38.fee72f4eSsepyR&search=1 https://www.lazada.sg/products/cooler-master-mwe-gold-550-watt-fully-modular-compact-silent-fan-80-plus-gold-power-supply-i320816182-s633240284.html?spm=a2o42.searchlistcategory.list.66.fee72f4eSsepyR&search=1 https://www.lazada.sg/products/corsair-tx-m-series-tx550m-80-plus-gold-certified-semi-modular-power-supply-i214800565-s325622610.html?spm=a2o42.searchlistcategory.list.72.46af2f4e0LD4W1&search=1 https://www.lazada.sg/products/evga-supernova-650-g-80-plus-gold-650w-fully-modular-fdb-fan-10-year-warranty-includes-power-on-self-tester-power-supply-120-gp-0650-x3-i306730228-s549532108.html?spm=a2o42.searchlistcategory.list.34.60692f4eKNuN8V&search=1 https://www.lazada.sg/products/cooler-master-v1000-1000w-full-modular-80plus-gold-135mm-silent-fan-power-supply-rsa00-afbag1-5-years-warranty-i227015428-s346887112.html?spm=a2o42.searchlistcategory.list.54.60692f4eKNuN8V&search=1 https://www.lazada.sg/products/corsair-rmi-series-rm750i-80-plus-gold-certified-fully-modular-power-supply-i214795562-s325619388.html?spm=a2o42.searchlistcategory.list.56.60692f4eKNuN8V&search=1 https://www.lazada.sg/products/corsair-cs-cp-9020175-uk-psu-vengeance-650m-650-watt-80-silver-modular-power-supply-i346078283-s789954554.html?spm=a2o42.searchlistcategory.list.64.53c22fddRlpDpy&search=1 My personal pick from a budget standpoint here would be the Vengeance Silver (I am not familiar with the currency, so I don't actually know if this is a low price.) The best one from that list is the Corsair RMi, which is more than you need. If you want a heavy duty high end PSU: https://www.lazada.sg/products/corsair-hx-850-80-platinum-full-modular-power-supply-i327680630-s694390929.html?spm=a2o42.searchlistcategory.list.68.2a0b2fddpV9mMp&search=1 My personal pick is the Corsair HX, but you can't go wrong with the Seasonic Prime. I just prefer the HX more.
  9. PSUGuru

    Should i upgrade my PSU?

    There's limited information on that PSU. Not even so much as a picture of the internals. It says it's a 600w PSU but there's only 450w of usable power. (Usable power is the 12v rail). So you basically have a 450w PSU. This indicates to me that it's a horribly designed group regulated unit. According to the spec sheet, it has all protections except over current protection. Considering it's single rail, the 12v has 37amps, so that's pretty standard. But I would honestly throw this PSU in the trash can. There's no confirmation that most of the protections actually work and that it has a horrid secondary side design as far as group regulation is concerned. I'd get a Corsair RMx or a Bitfenix Whisper M since you want to power a 2080ti.
  10. PSUGuru

    Question about GPU+PSU

    Like I said before, get a new PSU when you can. That High Power lacks protections and is group regulated, so it's a risk to run it. When you can, switch over to a Corsair CX450 (2017)
  11. PSUGuru

    Low Quality PSU

    Normal? Sure. But certainly not good. More often than not, crossloads go out of spec which potentially damages hardware. Group regulated is never good and should never be acceptable. The review doesn't do a proper test, so we can only speculate. Unless there's a proper review stating otherwise, I'll assume crossloads go out of spec. http://www.razorman.net/reviewshardware/review-high-power-element-smart-650w/4/ I see a lot of Teapos, but this isn't the greatest review, admittedly. Just because it's done in a lot of budget units, doesn't mean it's ideal. Yes, miles better. DC-DC Converts, Half-bridge topology, modern capacitors (Which have overall been improved over the years). Teapo nowadays overall isn't bad like a lot of reviewers say they are. You have to look at the model anyway to determine whether or not it's a good one. You're looking at wattage and power consumption, I'm looking about how the PSU is built. Corsair CX450 is my recommendation. Better protected, the important stuff is in spec, and adheres to most of Intel's ATX specs. EDIT: I am extremely critical about power supplies. I let very little slide.
  12. PSUGuru

    Low Quality PSU

    Doesn't look good. It doesn't output its full rated power at the 12v rail, which is the usable power. This indicates to me that it's group regulated. Already, that makes this PSU a bad one. According to the specsheet on High Power's website, the PSU lacks over temperature protection and overcurrent protection, that's another immediate disqualifier. It has a lot of older Teapo capacitors rated only at 85c. Teapo wasn't always a great thing to see back then and this being rated at 85c is another red flag. Overall, no, I would not use this PSU. Definitely not to power a 1070ti. You potentially risk your system running it. I would make the switch to a Corsair CX450 (2017). It's cheap and miles better than your current PSU, don't worry, 450w is plenty of power. This statement is largely false. Just because it's a big OEM does not mean all their platforms are good. This PSU in question is not good from what I've stated above.
  13. PSUGuru

    Red Devil + G2 550w

    You'll be perfectly fine with a 550w unit. CPU draws about 120-150w at most and I believe that's it overclocked/ GPU would draw at around 250w. So, peak loads would be around the 400w mark which is plenty of headroom and this is under a heavy load.
  14. PSUGuru

    Fanless PSU

    If it was a terrible PSU, sure. The Prime Fanless is overly expensive, but not a bad unit. There's a couple other units that aren't so bad, like the Digifanless. I mean, that depends on the model in question. The Prime Fanless Titanium still reached 90%+ efficiency but it does run hotter because there is no direct airflow. It's overly expensive and not worth it, imo. You can get a few silent units like the Bitfenix Whisper M or Corsair RMx at less of a price and still achieve low noise.
  15. PSUGuru

    Best PSU up to $150

    150$? Tbh, go for a Bitfenix Whisper M 650w or up. Quad rails, excellent performance and build quality, pretty quiet operation, well protected.