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    IT Technician


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    I7 2700K
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    Z77 Sabertooth
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    16GB Plats
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    2x 680 LTG r1.0
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    Intel 520 240GB / Steam SSD / HomeServer
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    S27B970D / U2913WM / XL2420T
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    Custom Liquid
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    Phoebus / HD650s / Edifier R1600t

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  1. I won't be o/cing the Lightnings, as the weaker one has nothing in the tank and I suspect is not long for this world. I noticed while replacing the air coolers that one of the caps on the card has leaked some of it's precious innards. 1 month out of warranty they both are.. let sigh.
  2. Been out of the game for a while, can I just check: CPU: swapped my 2700k out, now using 3770T. GPUs: 680 Lightning x 2 (stock) My AX1200i just exploded (I bought the 1200i because the lower wattage models didn't exist yet), and if Corsair don't replace it fast enough I am boned for the start of my postgrad degree in a couple weeks time. I'm thinking 750w would be plenty, overkill at idle due to 3770T?
  3. I definitely need an amp - looking for an amp/dac combo atm.
  4. All issues resolved by taking the piece of shit asus product out of my PC and chucking it in the junk box.
  5. Issue 1: Audio popping and dropping in VLC player. -OR- no audio at all in VLC player - MP4 or MKV files Issue 2: Audio in Borderlands 2 / TPS cutscenes quickly becoming out-of-sync with video AND audio popping when characters talk (Neither present outside cutscenes) Issue 3: Audio popping and dropping on YT uploads of shadowplay recordings of BL TPS (See below) - This popping is not present in windows media player (no audio at all in VLC, quicktime player etc). Popping also wasn't present in-game. Drivers are up to date (and firmware) Questions: -I can't find anything on the net about this in any detail, anyone else experienced it? -What's a good external alternative to a bloody soundcard? Budget around £120-£150. Headphones = Senn HD650s. Thanks EDIT: Audio used to be fine in VLC player a few months back, before I had to reinstall windows. Not sure if newer driver or newer VLC broke it. Fail.
  6. Is OS/software distribution via AD common? We use SCCM for that instead.
  7. Great move facebook - now supply governments with a list of all these paedos, druggies and commies using TOR. I'd like them all on a list so that I can submit a freedom of information request and find out if any of them are living nearby.
  8. test a single card in the x8 slot with nothing in the x16 to verify your evga board isn't a dud
  9. Their support is the only thing they have going for them in my book. Their product portfolio does not impress me.
  10. Yes, you still get tearing at 120Hz without vsync
  11. NRG

    what mouse?

    The G502 feels lovely in the hand. It feels like a more tapered version of the old Logitech g5 or Razer Imperator - both mouses I loved.
  12. If you're bottoming out the keys you can use o-rings to eliminate the clack but the pointless clicking is there to stay.
  13. I want to use the keyboard for more than a week so I'd go Corsair over Razer. As for Logitech's smart phone dock: more pointless rubbish that will not be used, like the screen on my G19.