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  1. Lol just realised.. Consequences of not having the best english lol
  2. 4. For what things would I need the extra sata ports? 8. I'll check some reviews, what are the major differences between this, S340 and S340 elite? Surely pick 212 evo then, thanks. About the ramsticks I'll probably stick with either corsair LED or TridentZ just because they look really cool and I really want my build to look very good aestethically speaking. About the SSD it probably depends on what impact does it have on the build to get those 2 sata ports blockes by the M2 one because budget is not a big an obstacle for me because I don't really have a major rush on getting the components so I can just wait a little more if it will give more results. Will see if picking the S340 elite, normal edition or the InWin 303. Is there much difference in performance between the fans I chose vs the ones you chose? Because I love the SP120 aestethically (yep I love things to look pretty) or is it more just for the budget? And for the last I'll watch that motherboard, basically I wanted the M7 because I read that in this MOBO it was really easy to OC and being this my first build experience (and obviously my first OC experience) didn't want to make it harder. Also, is this I7 going to work way better than the I5? Bottleneck less with some games? I'll watch a video to compare both of 'em What kind of issues, like I'm not changing my build just so I can put some LEDs basically because it's not the most important thing (because I already have the fans and ramsticks with LEDs probably) I quoted everyone for answers/questions of each one, sorry for making so much questions really nervous about my first build. Thanks everyone for the answer also. More general questions: 1. Does anyone how safe is to travel in airplane with the components and which ones are more risky to travel with? Because I'm travelling to USA in short time and I want to pick as much parts I could there because it's waaaaay more cheap than where I live. I don't have problem for taking it either on-board (and grab the luggage where I have the parts all the plane if its necessary) or packing them off but I'm quite scared of them getting problems if I bring them by airplane so wanted to know how safe it is or what safety measures should I take so they don't have any problem. 2. Because I'm not using stock cooler I'll have to buy a Thermal Paste any recommendations on which one to buy?
  3. Hello, this is my first build and I wanted to ask any modifications you think should I do or if it's just fine, and some other questions. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/P7yJBP This is going to be mainly for heavy gaming and maybe some video edition. I also want to add that I know i could maybe swap some thing and get it a bit cheaper (for example ramsticks, case fans) but I want a black and red theme so that's why I chose this components. I also maybe would like to add some led lightning in the inside of the case in the future. Questions: 1) Will it work nicely for what I want it to? Will the processor bottleneck the GTX 1080? 2) How easy is to overclock being a first time builder? 3) How easy is to build the pc and how can I avoid the problem of having static when using the components (I don't have any mat, or wristband, but if it's really worth it I could buy it) 4) PCpartpicker says that if I use an M2 SSD two sata ports on the board will not be available, does this makes any problem? 5) What cable sleeves you recommend to get for me (black/red) 6) What LED strips should I get for my desktop and pc (RGB with controller) 7) I put both CPU fans because I didn't know what to pick, my doubts on which one to choose was if 212 EVO would handle overclocking with the I5 6600K and if putting led on the cooler would make too much led and it wouldn't look nice. On the other side I wanted to know if the H60 would handle overclock nicely. 8) Also wanted to know if the NZXT S340 is a good case for all of this components and if it would fit everything nicely. I know they are lots of questions but just answer the one you know about or want, anything is appreciated ^^ PS: Sorry for bad english heh