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    London - UK
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    Efficiency, resilience, distributed computation, modelling, Embedded computing, simplification of complexity, algorithm development, IoT and putting technology to good use.


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    Dell M600 Blades
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    Dell M1000e
  1. Crazy-Logic


    I actually liked some the older dell case designs.
  2. Crazy-Logic


    actually - not great at folding. http://www.crazy-logic.co.uk/archives/795 yeah it'll do a WU in 2 hours but.... ppd/powerthe M600 server blade 23000/8.64kWh = 2662 points/kWh,the QC Core 2 Quad 6500/2.62kWh = 2480 points/kWh,the QC with 750Ti 38000/3.6kWh = 10500 points/kWh. urm.... fully loaded, lots. Each blade is 360W and the fans on with 4 blades funning full pelt is ~800W it has 6 PSU slots, each can be 2.3kW or 2.7kW i think, and i've got 4 installed. You can run all 16 blades off 3 PSU's. But the chassis has some power budgeting functions so if you loose PSU's you can do funky stuff like kill blades in a set order or reduce the power allocation to the blades i think. I have one - but this needs a 1m deep rack, which i don't have. hey - i put it on its own wheel board not to scratch it i actually use it to head my workshop from 6 to 22 deg (Deg C) with 3-4 blades running for an hour full pelt folding. yeah i have it hooked upto a 32a circuit, but I calculate around 7-8KW on full load.
  3. Crazy-Logic


    I just brought this 128 cores 3GHz, 256GB of RAM. Not bad for playing around with... Any idea's of things to do with it?