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    London - UK
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    Efficiency, resilience, distributed computation, modelling, Embedded computing, simplification of complexity, algorithm development, IoT and putting technology to good use.


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    Dell M600 Blades
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    Dell M1000e

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  1. yeah sure - i've added an update in for this. i'm not so sure as cats tips only has about 210K subs, so yeah changes the leader, but not the first to 10mil ahh yeah - i've corrected this now. (green for the leader)
  2. If anyone really wants to track the sub count in a more up to date fashion than socialblade see this little site i pulled together https://lttvsmkbhd.com/
  3. I actually liked some the older dell case designs.
  4. actually - not great at folding. http://www.crazy-logic.co.uk/archives/795 yeah it'll do a WU in 2 hours but.... ppd/powerthe M600 server blade 23000/8.64kWh = 2662 points/kWh,the QC Core 2 Quad 6500/2.62kWh = 2480 points/kWh,the QC with 750Ti 38000/3.6kWh = 10500 points/kWh. urm.... fully loaded, lots. Each blade is 360W and the fans on with 4 blades funning full pelt is ~800W it has 6 PSU slots, each can be 2.3kW or 2.7kW i think, and i've got 4 installed. You can run all 16 blades off 3 PSU's. But the chassis has some power budgeting functions so if you loose PSU's you can do funky stuff like kill blades in a set order or reduce the power allocation to the blades i think. I have one - but this needs a 1m deep rack, which i don't have. hey - i put it on its own wheel board not to scratch it i actually use it to head my workshop from 6 to 22 deg (Deg C) with 3-4 blades running for an hour full pelt folding. yeah i have it hooked upto a 32a circuit, but I calculate around 7-8KW on full load.
  5. I just brought this 128 cores 3GHz, 256GB of RAM. Not bad for playing around with... Any idea's of things to do with it?