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  1. Unclewebb nothing happends again..... So many thanks .....really I havo two more questions. Do you thinks that the problem is mainboard? o Processor? If you build a new system, You will go for ryzen 2700x o intel 9700k? I use premiere pro all the time for my videos and a play games off course but i work more XDD This is my worfk in chile. Its not spam!!! jaja For this reason i need my machine right now. I chare two videos. One of my channel and the other for the work i made to gain money (until my youtube channel grows) Soooooooooooo manny thanks again! My channel and My work
  2. I check the value speedstep. but i can find the other setting you named. "Increase that value to the max and click on the Turn On button " Now, what should i do?
  3. Yeah i disable it. I took the SS to show that i can isntall the program. I disable it and nothing happend.. I
  4. I see the sLow mo Before and it has no Jumper so it off... i already tried it....? I re started again in safe mode and it starts at normal frecuency 3.6Ghz AGAIN!..., but i change to normal mode and it return to 1.2Ghz... I dont know waht to do..
  5. jkajakajkajk sorry,,, ? Hi Man!! thanks for the welcome I Have: MSI x299 Gaming M7 ACK Corsair Ai 1200W 8 and 4 PSU pin connected to moindboard Nzxt Kraken x62 Hugs!!
  6. Hi Guys, My name is Juan. I am from Chile. I been looking in all web´s my problem, but today i do something different and so fucking obvius... I writte on google " my Intel i7 7820x stuck in 1.19Ghz " And 1 people from here has the same problem. I read the post and I di everything CMOS Removed Battery Chanche Power Plans Flashing de bios Re installed Windows 10 1903 update Reboot in safe mode Sorry for my expresion.. but i am sooooo fuckin tired. I work with my machine all day,, i have a youtube channel, and it is like my sond!! but with my pc like this i cannot work Can you help Me pliss! some orientation?! Hugs for all! and thanks!