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  1. well, the new msi line of laptops looks nicer that before, they just have the logo in red but you can find them in black, they dont have the "gamer look", i bought a GF63 THIN for light gaming and graphic desing on the go, after you adjust the fan curve i felt a pretty solid machine, the downside is the cooling, with only one fan, i think the GF65 has two fans, the keyboard is decent, not fan of the font they choose, but you can sell it pretty easy after you´re done with the computer when you return to your desktop
  2. Seb86

    Windows 10 update

    Hi everyone, i´ve had this keyboard form razer that i no longer use so i sold it, but even after delete the razer software and remove the device from device manager, "windows 10 update" keeps downloading updates for the device as "Razer Inc - HIDClass - 6.2.9200.16464" i dont have any other razer device, that keyboard was the only thing form razer that i had.
  3. since last week i´ve been with this annoying thing, in the audio settings, in windows 10, last update from october 2019, the microphone shows activity when playing videos or games, i tried disable "listen to this device", uninstalling the drivers, reinstalling them, disable them, muting the speaker icon, the mic input still picks up the output audio, WTF PLS HELP i cant use any voice app to play with my friends, i have 3 headsets, the only one that doesnt show this problem on my 3 pcs is one steelseries flux, i have a kraken x lite, and a logitech g430, i tried pluging them with the usb soundcard that cames with the logitech headset, the problem persist, i tried using the 3.5 audio jack, same shit, but the steelseries doesnt do it, wtf is going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????? im going insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hi guys, i have a regular xbox one controller with the wireless dongle pluged into my pc and i was wondering, does the elite controller works with the same dongle? or does it even work at all in the windows enviroment? i was thinking on getting one regular white themed controller and looked at the elite white one and after a research over internet i couldnt find anyone using one with the wireless dongle, i just dont want to waste time trying to get something to work and find out later that will never work
  5. Hi, the battery on my m8 has swollen causing the screen to bend outside of the frame, the touch is a mess right now, not sure if is it because of the pressure from the battery and will be back to normal when i replace it or if i should order a screen replacement too, not the glass, the complete screen and the battery, what do you think? i mean the battery is a no go from the start, just dont want to tear down the phone two or three times, i´m trying to do it right the first one
  6. the APU build is complete at this moment, i have to build the g4560 rig, so which gpu goes with each ones
  7. i have this msi gaming x rx 470 4gb in with a pentium g4560, i ran some benchmarks and always see a 100% gpu and the cpu at 30% at most cases, never goes further 40%, i know they are synthetic benchmarks and doesn't reflect real cases scenarios, and i have this other rig, a amd APU a10 7850k as a htpc, i just replaced my g4560 for a 7700k, so the question is, should i use the 470 on the amd 7850k or should i get a regular geforce 1050? or get some used parts and use the g4560 with the 470 or 1050. TLDR; 1-g4560 with msi gaming x rx470 or geforce 1050 2-amd A10 7850k with msi gaming x rx470 or geforce 1050
  8. after looking for a couple of days i found an affordable coolermasterv8 v2 (http://www.coolermaster.com/cooling/cpu-air-cooler/v8-ver2/ ) air cooler or should i go for the masterair maker 8 ( http://www.coolermaster.com/cooling/cpu-air-cooler/masterair-maker-8/) just for the aditional swag?
  9. not much, but i dont want a jet engine, got one with a fx8350 stock cooler until last year
  10. i cant find any good air coolers in my country, the coolermaster and other brands that have air cooling are like at the same price that the h60
  11. it doesnt come with any cooler, and i dont have any air cooler for 1151
  12. So, i was looking to get a AIO from corsair and cant decide, the h60 with one fan is like 45 bucks and the h80 with 2 fans 98 usd, which one should i get for a 7700k?
  13. hi before i start i got a amd gigabyte sniper g1 a88x motherboard with a A10 7580k fm2 cpu, i had two ddr3 4gb (8gb total) hyper x fury working at 2133 (task manager showed 1866 mhz for some reason) and cpu z shows 1072-ish (since ddr i assume that its x2 so 2150-ish), i got two spare modules of gskill sniper 8gb (16gb total) that im using right now because i needed more ram and i didnt want to buy more sticks, so i strip the kingston for the gskill, set up the bios memory multiplier to 21.33 with A.M.P. off and X.M.P. off and cpu z shows the same 1072-ish speed but in the bios and task manager it shows 1333, not even 1866 that i had when the kingston kit was installed, inside the bios the current speed is greyed at 1333 for some reason, turning AMP or XMP on or off, even trying one off and the other on it wont change that, is there any error reading the speed with the apps or my bios isnt working with me? i flashed to the lasted bios i found on the gigabyte web.
  14. i found the rivatuner standalone at guru3d http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/rtss-rivatuner-statistics-server-download.html