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  1. I am working on fixing a hp 15-r0929wm laptop for someone, i bought a brand new power switch and ribbon for it and placed the power switch and ribbon in, when i press the power button it will not turn on but if i take my screw driver and connect the two pins together where the ribbon lies in on the motherboard the computer will turn on, this happens with the other 3 switches i have so i am now lost anyone have any ideas??
  2. Yes my plan is to put A single Pc in the Closest of the Gaming Room have have the Air Piped out. and fresh air pipped in. the reason be is because i would LIKE if possible to get cheap laptops allow the VMs hosted on the desktop to be streamed to the laptops. i am also trying to use less Desktops because i would like to cut my power bill some, but i do understand your point completely Also the widest part of the room is just under 9Feet if that tells you how small this room is.
  3. I already have 3 Pcs with Ryzen 2700Xs, GTX 1050 - GTX 1080 and other high end equipment but as stated the biggest problem is the computer room gets hot as a sauna even in the winter to the point i need a window A/C Unit and that doesn't count all the body heat in the room because i am talking about a REAL Tiny Room in which our elbows almost touch
  4. Full On Parts List So here is the Just, I live in a two apartment building and there are three of us, the computer room is in the smallest room and when all three computers are on at the same time playing games which is everyday even in the winter the room gets horribly hot to the point that i have to run a window A/C unit even in the winter. My plan is to build ONE desktop pc in which i can put in a closet and have the air piped out the window and fresh cold air piped in. and have peripherals and stuff hooked up, OR use cheap low end Laptops in which we can connect remotely and stream what we want to play from the Desktop to the laptops(I understand Latency), allowing us to be in separate rooms so there isn't so much heat in one area making a sauna in my apartment causing my electric bill to me in the Hundreds every month. So as the title says Will This Work, Also is there any suggestions of any way of making it cheaper but still work Etc Etc. Full On Parts List
  5. they are tolerable but when there are 7 of them running and they hit 40DB each it adds up
  6. High-Fives ran prime for 20 mins and temps maxed out at 75*C also i am a dumb dumb and my idle temps are now much colder. i have 7 masterfan pro mfy-f2nn-11nmk-r1 case fans in a Cougar panzer-G case and little did i know they have a S Q P switch and they where on S i put them all on P and now there running 1400-1500RPM idle and when i hit full load they will ramp up to 1900-2000RPM LOUD but i rather have a-lot of air and safeness then overheatingness
  7. It is jumping back and fourth between 30%-70% when just googling but it is better then being at 100% all time
  8. So are the voltages fine without the offset or should i apply the offset
  9. I have tried to do it but as long as i have Auto / Overdrive on it keeps doing it i have to turn on manual mode and the min i do my voltages stay at 1.21 area
  10. This is my first 2700x and relying on any autoclocking and i am wondering if these voltages/tmps are safe i have noticed EDC like to stay at 89-100% even in idle and the Voltage likes to Fluctuate hard core basically at 1.3-1.45 Everything is stock settings, stock paste etc etc, onlything edited is Ram is clocked to 3200
  11. When it comes to this comment i already done said i can't because if i hold onto my cash settlement i loose my income that i receive so no in a case like my you can't now on to business because a forum like this shouldn't have fighting. After reading here and few other blogs i now have CPU&MotherBoard: Amd Ryzem 7 2700 & Asus Prime X470 Bundle Ram: G.Skill TridentZ RGb 2x8 3200 PSU: EVGA Super Nova 650 G2 GPU: Gigabyte Gefirce GTX 1080 SSD: SanDisk SSD 480GB Case: Cougar Panzer-G Fans: COugar Hydraulic Bortex FR 1120M Total Price: $1,476.23 So i'm still not hitting my cap limit of $1,700 should i push and get the GTX 1080 ti and 2700x or keep the 2700 and go for faster ram, or water cooling? i'm open for all suggestions, other then waiting because sadly that is not a option.
  12. Dizmo sometimes you can't help with what you got is what you got.