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    Optiplex 7010mt mobo
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    12gb ddr3 (2x2x4x4gb)
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    Zotac gtx 1050ti
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    Optiplex 7010mt case
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    250gb 5400rpm hdd
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    Evga white 430w

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  1. Anjelllo

    What are some Tips for the SAT

    The SAT is a standardized test which tests based on knowledge. The point is if you went to a horrible high school and you end up with great grades but know nothing, you won’t do well on the SAT, and colleges will see your gap. @BlockedTheShot I reccomend you take the SAT multiple times, as you only have to send colleges your highest score (and in some cases your highest section score.) . Check out The Collegeboard-Khan Academy collab where they have videos and practice over everything on the SAT for free if you make an account and link your college board account. Check out R/SAT for practice and tips for the next time you take it. I’d recommend prepping a month before you take it again(going over old material, doing practice tests).
  2. Anjelllo

    Where the heck can I find a windows 7 pro iso?

    The torrent links give errors. Do I need to find a physical 7 pro disc?
  3. just trying to reinstall windows 7 (pro) on my laptop without the included bloatware, but for the life of me, I can't find it on windows' websites. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows7 <---This website consistently gives errors after I type in my key. Thanks!
  4. Anjelllo

    A Great, nearly unknown, Hero

  5. Anjelllo

    Linus on Sales Training and Sales Skills

    Check out r/sales. I’ve been a sub for a while and they have some really good information about pretty much everything regarding the career. You could be really good at tech sales since you care and understand the product better than others
  6. Anjelllo

    I need help.

    @Ashiella damn, that situation sucks, I have a friend going through something similar. I think you should definately pursue cps/foster care because being homeless is not fun(and neither is never having a good role model or a high school diploma for that matter). Foster families are usually super nice and are used to trouble kids but you seem pretty passive so you’d get along fine. I really don’t reccomend getting a full time job since you won’t have time for high school if you end up in a foster family (remember, education>employment!). If you end up actually homeless then just call 911 and they’ll help you
  7. Anjelllo

    I need guidance on my social life.

    It gets better and easier. Don’t stop trying. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t let people walk over you because friendship should be a positive relationship both ways. I’ve done autistic shit that would probably horribly embarrass/ traumatise a normal person, but I don’t let it get to me and have become successful in relationships because of it. Just keep taking risks and small steps man.
  8. Anjelllo

    how do i save money on pc parts?

    My pc is $300 lol, use ebay and build off an old prebuilt you can find for cheap
  9. Anjelllo

    What do you guys think of NoFap?

    That’s just a recent video I watched on the subject. Addiction or not overuse is unhealthy for mental health
  10. Anjelllo

    What do you guys think of NoFap?

    I have no religious affiliation and my opinion mainly springs from everyday life. This used to be a problem for me but I got it under control, and I have a friend who is clearly addicted (jerks >2 times every day) but refuses to admit that it’s a problem so he does nothing. One problem is that sex is naturally supposed to be with two people so you don’t get the same experience when you do it alone(touch, smell, connection, etc.) potentially leaving a person lonely and depressed. Another issue is the masturbatory material can have serious effects on mental health, view of women, etc. If you want, go check out r/nofap. People there are dealing with real issues like, withdrawal, relapse, etc.
  11. Anjelllo

    What do you guys think of NoFap?

    Masturbation CAN be an addiction and t CAN be healthy. You can use it and you can abuse it
  12. Anjelllo

    What do you guys think of NoFap?

    If not fapping for a few days makes you incredibly pissed, it’s a withdrawel symptom. Exercise and healthy eating makes you happier, it’s science bih, look it up.
  13. Anjelllo

    What do you guys think of NoFap?

    Also daily exercise, eating healthy (fruits, vegetables, balanced diet), and talking to friends! You’ll feel better real quick if you combine those with nofap
  14. Anjelllo

    What if you are asked to wear a costume at a wedding?

    You should probably talk to her and the groom and make sure that if you do it, everyone’s doing it. Also wtf, why does she want you to cosplay at a wedding lol, isn’t the wedding supposed to be about the couple and not superheros?