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  1. Thanks for the info! Was looking at building a mid entry gaming PC anyways. Looking for cost saving measures haha. Guess I'll keep the PS4 (regular, lol) and look to the future in PC builds.
  2. Basically I would in theory like to take the gpu/cpu/ram from the PS4 and put into a current socket....Not sure if Sony uses proprietary sockets/ram/voltages.....
  3. Sorry to be ignorant (just an enthusiast pc user) but how does the PS4 get the clarity and smoothness when playing new games?
  4. Just thought that if it was designed for modern (recent) games that converting into a PC system would make it upgradable in the future...Sony releasing their PS4 plus really bugged me....every 2 years if I want to stay current gotta get a new console or something like that...
  5. lol I don't but looking to get away from console gaming....PC was and will be the future
  6. So no way of installing windows on the Sony PS4 system? Whether stand alone or dual boot?
  7. Hey first time posting, probably already brought up but is it possible to scab parts from a ps4 and convert into a windows gaming pc? If it can play all the current games does it mean its got the hardware to rival with (in my situation) an entry level gaming rig???