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  1. Banned for something... probably... I guess... idk for what, but you're banned now...
  2. put it in an MRI scanner to brick the hdd and then fry the rest by running 300 kV through it
  3. thats too easy, my mind can't handle easy and logical solutions. ( * inserting facedesk * )
  4. thanks! one google search later, I found the version for the pi 2B, which I have. if people want it for the 2(B), here you go.
  5. that is one good looking heatsink, can I get a link please?
  6. Person A should donate it to Person B who only has an electronic potato and no computer. I volunteer to become Person B
  7. oh, well, in that case I change my question to "how on earth do I get that oil out of there" The fuel kinda worked but it's slow, the fuel was transparent but after bathing the engine in there for 1.5 days it turned yellow and it has a lot of gunk floating around in it. I'm now testing break cleaner, let's hope that removes it quicker.
  8. I took the engine out of the fuel and sprayed it with brake cleaner, I'll wait an hour and see if it worked. Thanks for all the ideas!
  9. I tried bathing it in fuel last night, it has been in there for over 12hours. it kinda worked, a lot of the dry fuel dissolved, but not all. Shall I put it back in the fuel for another 12hours or shall I try isopropyl alcohol?
  10. someone gave me the advice to just bathe it in the fuel overnight, it has been in there for a few hours now. if that doesn't work, I'll try your methods. I'll keep you updated!
  11. I'm working on an on RC car which runs on liquid fuel, but I ran into a problem: the fuel that was left in the engine block dried up completely. Does anyone know how to get the fuel out of the engine? (without breaking it) Is there some liquid I can use to dissolve the fuel? big think: the engine small round thing: should go on top of engine 2 things on the left: heatsinks
  12. its not only the volume that matters, the outside surface is the most important, for example a perfect cube would be the worst since its surface:volume ratio is the smallest, if you have a thin and long basin, it might work since that surface:volume ratio is a lot bigger.
  13. I only have a 120GB ssd in my laptop, I'm always removing files or programs to make enough space to use it, if you go for an ssd, go for at least 250GB.
  14. I have a dell latitude 3160. its good enough for normal school/work usage. specs: quadcore pentium @ 1.6GHz 4GB ram 120GB SSD I'm not sure if you can still buy it, but if not, other dell latitudes should do fine too.
  15. some 9v batteries: they were just laying on a shelf and somehow one of them randomly exploded while I was just working in my room. that scared the shit out of me.
  16. 1: fill it with bubblewrap or something like that to support the gpu or take the gpu out of the computer 2: put the whole build in the original box the case came in with the foam to support it.
  17. Does java editor 15.22 have some kind of config where you can change the default syntax for the uml class editor. in the uml editor you can give a class attributes and automatically create set and get functions, but I don't really like the syntax of the set functions, the get functions are exactly the same as I would do but the set function are not. What I want: public void set_name(String new_name) { this._name = new_name; } What I get: public void set_name(String _nameNew) { _name = _nameNew; } Is it possible to tell the editor to generate the functions different?
  18. I tried to remake your table with graph, it doesn't show the greatest, it shows both, but on top of each other both starting from 0 where one goes to 25 and one to 5.50. I haven't found a way to show the sum yet, I'll try some more methods and tell you when I find something useful.
  19. I have a working single core pentium III, 1GB RAM, GPU with 512MB VRAM, 200GB + 250GB hdd build running winXP
  20. oh, ok. I won't be able to help you any further in that case..
  21. this Techquickie might be able to help you:
  22. you should check out the YT channel Diversity, it has a lot of music from almost unknown artists in a lot of different genres. one of the songs they uploaded:
  23. actually, a lot of freezers are made like that, but the standing fridges/freezers take less floor space, so its easier to place in a kitchen. I know multiple people who have a freezer like a mc chest in their garage and a 'normal' fridge in their kitchen.
  24. ahh, ok, thank you! I'll try to use it and learn a bit more about arrayLists
  25. Do you mean something like: private Duck [Duck1, Duck2, Duck3] = new Duck();