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  1. is there a way to check psu health before trying to rma it?
  2. rip i'm planning to buy new system anyway, but what's the causes, i'm scared if my new psu is the culprit
  3. help guys:/ i just turned on my pc and immediately noticed burnt smell coming from my pc, when i checked inside, there's trace except substance on vrm.. fyi, i just changed my psu from oem non-80 to be quiet power system u9, i can't checked if the psu destroyed or not, this is my only pc.. i tried to use my old psu, but only 1-2sec run before it turned off and repeat * it's really an old and dirty system, x3440
  4. sounds like FDA on my country :'v
  5. i'm interested on deep learning and willing to build multi gpu setup, but this psu is insanely fire hazard, why it's born in first place
  6. ikr, this psu is very dangerous and there's no protection mentioned anywhere on its website.. im curious why so many people bought psu from this brand
  7. Any thought about this PSU? 1300 W, Gold Certified, Mining Ready, only 70 USD !? Digital Alliance DEN GEN 1300W Gold ( There's a high chance rebranded from Golden Field Industrial from Chinese ) As far i know, Digital Alliance is national PC Gaming company ( or probably branch of Chinese company ), they sold anything that branded "Gaming" from Chair to Graphics Card, can i trust my pc to this psu? edit : if you have psu from this brand or found review about it, please let me know..
  8. well, that's a relief.. do you know how to calculate it?
  9. Please give me a strong idea how to compare bandwidth on PCI Express with GPU side, are they pci bandwidth vs gpu memory bandwidth or what? and what's the impact of putting rtx 2060 super on pci 2.0 x16 mobo? especially on heavy task like deep learning, thankss
  10. if it's not the hdd, i think the psu fan is dying.. my case fan was generating same sound because broken bearing
  11. thankfully it's not, i tried reseated the ram multiple times and it works again..
  12. nope, 64bit.. it's working fine on i3 540.. the strange part is my pc only enable the 2nd dim slot only, if I put 2+4gb, 4gb is used, if I put 4+2, only 2gb used.. hopefully it isn't slot failure
  13. so, this temp is reasonably fine for my stock cooler? btw, my computer did manage to recognize 2+4gb of ram, but only manage 4gb of them, msconfig and clear CMOS don't, any suggestion? one more trick that i have in mind is loosening the hsf
  14. i'll try after fixing this stupid boot error, my pc keep asking for disk check but stopped at 63% everytime, glad it's skippable is it? im using i3 540 one
  15. Is it normal for x3440 reached 60C on idle using stock cooler? I just upgraded my cpu from i3-540 and keeping the same stock cooler.. With this temp i can't even overclock anything, turbo boost disabled. If this is normal, i'll buy cheap decent cooler, any rec?