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  1. Already ordered another one. Hopefully ebay will score.
  2. Yes I put the PSU in another system. Second hand motherboard RMA not possible.
  3. Zero the LEDs under the start button don't light up and screen has none
  4. Safemode boot and memtest button causes nothing to happen yes LN2 and slowmode are disabled.
  5. Yes it the button flash once then nothing. Then the button stopped responding then I eject the CMOS battery and nothing. The computer only lights the RGB. The power button is completely unresponsive. Not even a pulse from the CPU fans or flash on the OLED.
  6. Motherboard: Zenith Extreme Gen 1 CPU: 2950x TR Ram: Nemix 2666 ECC (YES is compatible) Graphics: 970 ti PS: Cosair HX1200i Drive:970 EVO M.2 Building a multi use server. Media, File, Sreaming, etc I booted it up and loaded an OS last week. I was missing the correct SAS controller for my sas expander. I received it and installed it in my server. Then nothing. Things done already: 0) I flash the board already for for the 2nd gen Ryzen series. 1) Removed all individual components to try and get boot. Didn't work did card by card ram by ram. 2) Re-seated the CPU 3) Unplugged and plugged back in all cables in power supply. 4) Used multi meter to verify voltage coming from power supply. 5) Tried to flash the BIOS but the motherboard isn't responding. 6) When turning on the power supply the RGB lights on the motherboard light up but the onboard power switch, memtest switch and reset switch are all unresponsive. This was active not 4 days ago I had OS installed, services for Plex, Samba shares etc. Now nothing beyond stress with parts these expensive.
  7. Using Internet sharing through Windows 10 to give my Ubuntu Server internet access. It give it a ip address but the connection does not share the wifi internet connection on the windows machine. Windows 10 connects to internet via Wifi I am sharing that Wifi connection to an Ubuntu Server over direct ethernet conneciton The Ubuntu server is only able to connect to the Windows computer not the internet. Whats been done No I don't not have another wifi card Yes I restarted, Switch gigabit ports Disabled and reenable multiple times. Checked all settings Disabled Firewalls Flushed Arp table Ping local machinces but was unable to ping wifi router on the server but was able through windows 10 computer.
  8. Have my windows 10 machine and trying to share internet connection with my Ubuntu server. I am staying in a place with no hard wire lines and only wifi My Desktop wifi works fine but until recently is not sharing internet connection anymore. The DHCP serives in windows is working and giving the server an ip and transfer file from local machine to local. But it can't even ping the wifi router.
  9. Cool yes the machice posted no problem with ram it was unbuffered.
  10. Making a new plex server. 24x 8TB drives SAS3 CPU: 2950x MB: ASUS ZENITH EXTREME HBA: LSI 2800-8i (will upgrade to SAS3 card when I upgrade my Backplane) RAM: 4x 32gb NEMIX ECC ram 2666 Graphics Card: GT 710 (I know hardware trancoding but thought the TR would be enough May look to get WX 7100 or P2000) OS: Been using Ubuntu very happy with it. I really don't want to pay for unraid. FreeNAS is ok prefer Ubuntu. Is there a good reason to VM all these separate functions? Or having them on a single instance in a couple of RAID 1 drives? What benefits would I see.
  11. Why? I would rather download digital backs than convert from dvd. Not all torrent users are pirates.
  12. What is better signing up for usenet like Newshosting with SNZBD or sign up for private torrent like Megaupload?