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  1. Is the ASUS ZenBook 13 UX331UN good, has an i5-8250U and 8GB RAM and 256GB SATA3 M.2 SSD and MX150 for 8500HKD (1080USD) I would also like to ask is there much difference in 13.3" and 14"
  2. I will be starting uni soon and need some recommendations of notebooks, my priorities are keyboard tying feel and battery life. Would like the price to be below 9000HKD (1100USD). Would like to have a discrete GPU for acceleration in certain apps and very light gaming like CS GO. There are a few uni laptop offers which one is good or should i just consider something else. HP Pavilion 14 14"display -i7-8550U -MX150 -8GB RAM -1TB HDD + 128GB SSD -41Wh battery -6990HKD (890USD) Dell Inspiron 14 7472 14"display -i7-8550U -MX150 -8GB RAM -1TB HDD + 128GB SSD -42Wh battery -6699HKD (850USD) Lenovo IdeaPad 320s 13.3"display -i7-8550U -MX150 -8GB RAM -256GB SSD -36Wh battery -6999HKD (890USD
  3. The ZTE Axon 7 is a worthy competitor in the flagship space with a beautiful design and great specs
  4. AndyLao1031

    Budget earbuds

    Budget: about 50USD or less Can someone recommend me a good all-rounded earbuds for music listening and other general use Here are some that i found (could use some feedback on which one is better) Sennheiser CX 300 II Sennheiser CX 3.00 Shure SE112 Shure SE115 RHA MA350 RHA S500i
  5. The PF1000U would be a awesome projector to use for movies
  6. I have a Intel i5-4460 and ASUS GTX960 Strix 4GB and 16GB of RAM
  7. Cpu: Intel 4460Gpu: ASUS Strix 960Ram: Kingston 8GB *2 Score: 3.2
  8. I think everyone should have an SSD in their system because SSD have fast boot time and make the whole system feel faster in opening applications
  9. Super Flower SF-530P14XE(GX) Golden Green 530W 80Plus Gold for HKD 550 Super Flower SF-500P14XE(HX) Golden Green 500W 80Plus Gold for HKD 460 ANTEC HCG520M High Current Gamer for HKD 515 If i had to pick between 3 of them which one should i go for
  10. Would the ANTEC HCG520M High Current Gamer be a good option
  11. When i started finding parts for my rig the R9 380 was my initial choice cuz of extra FPS on games but after searching i found that CUDA had better support on adobe products. What would you recommend for a good PSU for my rig
  12. SAPPhiRE Nitro R9 380 4GB is HKD1650 Zotac GeForce GTX 960 is 1760 (generally more expensive) Heard in some forums amd cards don't help with gpu acceleration in Lighrtoom and PS
  13. 1. Budget & Location Location: Hong Kong Budget: 5000 HKD -about 650 USD (willing to spend more if it boosts performance by a lot) 2. Aim Image editing (lightroom and photoshop) Planing to do some 3D work in the future (planing to study Multimedia Production elective in school) Some gaming EG GTA5 3. Monitors 1080P monitor currently using, wont be upgrading anytime soon 4. Peripherals I have keyboard and mouse already, I don't need OS 5. Why are you upgrading? My current system was pre-built and is sh*t. Currently have a Pentium E6600 and 3gb ram.Lags on browsing chrome and editing photos in light room. (Upgraded internet to 500MB and current computer only accepts 100MB) 6.Hardware i have picked Case:Spec-01 MB: ASRock B85M Pro4 (i chose this because it has Intel LAN)(Are asrock MB good?) CPU :i5-4460 RAM:ADATA Premier DDR3 1600MHz 8GB (8GB enough or 16gb) GPU: 750ti or 960 SSD:Samsung 850 EVO 250GB (for OS and programs) (already have 7200rpm 1tb hard drive) PSU: I have no idea for this is a HCG520M good (i would prefer it to be modular) Fan: DeepCool XFan120 x2 Help would be much appreciated in perfecting my new rig. Thanks !
  14. The ZBOX is small and compact and holds a lot of power when compared to a big sized traditional pc