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  1. I am currently searching for a good bluetooth speaker at the price range of around 100$. The new LTT video featured the LG XBOOM speaker and I don´t know to this point which speaker I should get. What are your experiences with bluetooth speaker and which one do you recommend?
  2. Has anyone tried to overclock a single core (or more but not all) ? Like oc the first 2 cores to 4.7 ghz and the others at "normal" speed and could it benefit in single-thread tasks like games ? I mean it could improve thermals with the same performance in some tasks instead when you would overclock all cores to that same clock speed?
  3. yes it is but it costs 200-300$ more than the xps13
  4. Hey, I´m currently searching for a notebook/laptop. It should have no dedicated gpu (for better battery life) but a good cpu and a thunderbolt 3 slot so i can connect it with a external gpu. I thought of something like the dell xps 13 or the razer blade stealth. The price should be not go over 1500$. Thank you in advantage.
  5. i think i wouldn´t go over 300 $
  6. As you can see in the title i am currently searching for a good bluetooth speaker that i can take with me. The price (and also brand) is irrelevant for me as long as it has a good price per performance ratio.
  7. As it in the title says, i am currently searching for good speakers or a soundbar for 100-200 $. The brand is not relevant, i just want it to have good performance and not something "gaming looking stuff" .
  8. ok but how´s the name ?^^
  9. ok nice but do they have one for the hall of fame 1080 ?
  10. ok thank you i´ll watch it later
  11. do you mean the video that came out for the canada day ?
  12. Hey, I´ve currently the Galax Hall of Fame 1080 and want to paint the backplate black because it would fit better to my system. I have no experience with custom painting and wanted to ask what i need to look for. (special paint, preparation, or anything else?) thank you in advance -F
  13. i mean i am still a student and can´t afford it currently ^^
  14. yes i can do that but it will take a while. i first will get the hd650 in the mid of april and the valhalla short after. i can keep you updated when you are ok with it when i can tell you my experience in may or june
  15. thanks both of you and i think, after i´ve read @SSL´s review, i will go for the Valhalla 2.
  16. Hey, i want to buy the Sennheiser HD650 (or 6xx if theres a poll on massdrop in the near future) and i want to know what would be better a tube amp or solid state and what are the differences between them. Could someone help me (and maybe recommend me one) ?
  17. yes i know but i wasn´t sure if i should wait for the massdrop drop or just go for the hd600. thanks
  18. ok thank you again you are helping me very kindly when it´s about audio
  19. Hey, I am currently unsure which one of the listed headphones i should buy. I had pretty good experiences with the hd600 but I don´t know if i should buy them or go a bit higher and go for the 650 or even the 700 or if i should wait for massdrop to get the 6xx
  20. better audio is important for me but i never thought of it that amps that costs more than the headphones itself would make so much more of a difference. But now i know and i will consider it . Thanks
  21. ok cool. Sry I´m new to the "audiophile" scene and i don´know many things by now from it :D. Just like in building a computer that for example you won´t need a 170 or x99 motherboard when you don´t want to overclock or have a cpu that can´t overclock. But when it would do a significant change to the quality then it would be reasonable for me to buy an amp that costs more. Thank you
  22. I don´t think i would hear much of a difference between an amp that can power the hd600 to its cap than an amp that costs 100 dollars more and could power even the hd800.
  23. I don´t really know. I just don´t want to spend more for an amp than the headphones itself :D.