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  1. sennheiser

    yes i know but i wasn´t sure if i should wait for the massdrop drop or just go for the hd600. thanks
  2. sennheiser

    ok thank you again you are helping me very kindly when it´s about audio
  3. sennheiser

    Hey, I am currently unsure which one of the listed headphones i should buy. I had pretty good experiences with the hd600 but I don´t know if i should buy them or go a bit higher and go for the 650 or even the 700 or if i should wait for massdrop to get the 6xx
  4. amp

    better audio is important for me but i never thought of it that amps that costs more than the headphones itself would make so much more of a difference. But now i know and i will consider it . Thanks
  5. amp

    ok cool. Sry I´m new to the "audiophile" scene and i don´know many things by now from it :D. Just like in building a computer that for example you won´t need a 170 or x99 motherboard when you don´t want to overclock or have a cpu that can´t overclock. But when it would do a significant change to the quality then it would be reasonable for me to buy an amp that costs more. Thank you
  6. amp

    I don´t think i would hear much of a difference between an amp that can power the hd600 to its cap than an amp that costs 100 dollars more and could power even the hd800.
  7. amp

    I don´t really know. I just don´t want to spend more for an amp than the headphones itself :D.
  8. amp

    Does anyone know an affordable amp to power the Sennheiser HD600 or the 6xx. Just don´t want to spend too much.
  9. ok thank you
  10. I want to make an cheap itx build with a ryzen cpu because of his good perfomance for a good price value so does someone know a relatively cheap but good itx motherboard for ryzen cpus ?
  11. a friend of mine is an overclocker ( but not professional) who thinks when i would go for oc then i should get water cooling or a better air cooling system
  12. i just wanted to oc in general and in my opinion my current air cooling is not really capable of it
  13. Hey, i wanted to change my air cooling into an all in one water cooling system to better overclock my 6700k. But i can´t find any with a withe socket to fit my white&black pc build on any site that can ship to europe (especially germany). If anyone knows a site that can ship to germany and has that kind of cooler or if someone has a better idea or other suggestion please let me know
  14. Does anybody have any experience with the Sennheiser Urbanite XL wireless or can me name a different model or company which is also in the same price range and has better quality? I am searching currently for wireless (bluetooth, NFC) headphones which i can connect to my phone while i am travelling or working out. It would be very helpfull if somebody has some experience with some models so i don't spend money on product where i get dissapointed later on.