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  1. the only thing i didnt do was use arctic (as i have no budget atm) And i didnt spread it out, i let the cpu cooler do that as i got that recommended. Using the AIDA stresstest, it jump to 80 instantly quick jumps to 97 aswell.
  2. re-applied paste but doesnt look like it changed anything. Using the newest prime95 heat test i get 100 degrees but forums also state that the test doesnt like my kind of CPU, and got recommended using a previous version. Using that previous version i hit 80 and don't go over it.
  3. I've tried other sockets and it still crashed, and the current socket shouldnt be overloaded anyways Thanks a lot for your input none the less!
  4. i just did the 15 minute test, this is what i can get in terms of "results" https://gyazo.com/be312ce1ef1944ae2155ce41325485d2
  5. Something i've just now found about the crash aswell. Whenever i crash i get an error message it saying windows shut down half an hour before the crash, but nothing happened at that time. I've added screenshots so you guys can see what i mean. https://gyazo.com/ac0c457bc3aa59bf94c580c65ee1816e https://gyazo.com/42207bb51e1e2678f5ee838276f0669e
  6. a Cooler master hyper 212 evo is the cpu cooler, and i've posted a screenshot of hwmonitor above this reply, ive dont a CMOS and complete new windows install this week as soon as i got the parts returned. No loafs were harmed during the process
  7. How would i do this, and what would it achieve? i've let this run during a complete match of pubg, normally i'd also be streaming this but this comes closest as i could in a short time span to what it crashed on earlier. And i was already thinking of re-applying the paste tomorrow, just to make sure its correctly applied. asus realbench: https://gyazo.com/0f5a3e8737765db94db59dbefa0b1c55 HWmonitor cpu+mobo: https://gyazo.com/dcd9aa103b15daa42d24e372de5e8598
  8. Maximum temps would range around the 80 which were peaks on the cpu, mostly it would range aroundd 50. Gpu would be around 80 aswell but more consistently around 70. i cant see the mobo heat in there though.
  9. I've actually been checking temp using realtemp (which shows both minumum and all-time high for current session) and nothing out of the ordinary shows. And as i said in the post the seller tested the parts so i'd have to "believe" that they aren't faulty. Nothing is overclocked besides the GPU which is overclocked by EVGA, and before i never had any issues with the GPU, only after i installed the new parts the crashing started. (i had the gpu for a year about then)
  10. Hey tech people! So for the past 7 months i've had a pc that shuts down randomly when i'm playing any harder to run games (Ark survival evolved, PUBG). Its a complete shutdown, no restart. As if i flip the switch. The issues started back in december when i switched my Motherboard/MEM/CPU. During a attempt to try and fix this with people on this forum back then we "found" the issue to be the PSU, which i replaced and upgraded. Unfortunately this didnt fix the issue, the pc is still crashing. I have updated all drivers and the bios. The replaced parts are sent back to the seller to test for any issues, but none were found. These were the Motherboard/mem/cpu. The current psu is 850w Gold so shouldnt have any issues suplying enough power. If you need anything more to help out, let me know! at this point i really don't know what to do anymore.. My specs are : Motherboard: Asus viii ranger Memory: Corsair vengeance 3200 2x 8gb CPU: Intel i7 6700k GPU: Evga gtx 970 PSU:corsair Rm850x HDD: 2x Samsung hd204ui SSD: 1x Crucial Bx200 480gb (current start up disk) Case: NZXT noctis 450
  11. this is a video of what happens (incl the coil whine) video-1489912588.mp4
  12. It also happens on overwatch and rainbow six siege, but that only happened a very few times. Any way to check why i'm not getting a bsod?
  13. In the last few weeks (haven't had the chance to try it with a fresh install) i also crashed on Ark: Survival evolved.
  14. Is there a way to make sure of this? (as i dont have a replacement lying around and it'll cost me quite a bit if i send back a part that isnt actually broken)
  15. Its a digital copy (from Uplay) and has been installed several times (all times crashed) Haven't changed my cpu though.
  16. i've tried with another GPU but it still crashed. (the other GPU was a gtx 750Ti)
  17. Haven't touched any overclocking stuff yet. None of my other parts are overclocked either (except for my GPU which is EVGA overclocked)
  18. Nope, never had since i upgraded my parts (editting main post as i forgot something it seems) Every crash is a shut down, no restart either.
  19. Hey everyone! This is unfortunately my third post to seek help. My computer is shutting down without blue screen for the last 3 months, some of the issues appeared to be from a faulty PSU but after upgrading it i kept the issue. It started happening ever since i upgraded my CPU Motherboard and memory. Now today i reinstalled w10 and tested some stuff on different disks. Drivers are all up to date. No loose cables. Everything is connected properly 100% clean install of windows. And only 1 of my 4 disks is connected to narrow down the issue. Now i've been "crashing" only when gaming. Apparantly i crash every 5 minutes in "The settlers 5" (2004) but i've been able to play Overwatch (2016) all night. I hope you guys have suggestions as to what might be wrong. Feel free to ask me for more information if its needed! Thanks a lot for your time!
  20. reinstalling everything didnt work either, theres a fresh install of windows 10 on it. Fully formatted the disk aswell. Any suggestions as to what else it can be...? if not i'll be taking it to a pc repair shop a few miles over to see if they know
  21. Unfortunately windows 10 upgrade didnt work either, i formatted all my disks and reinstalled whatever i needed and still crashed. I will be opening my pc somewhere next week and reinstall everything into it (incl cpu and all) seeing if that'll work. If not it can prettymuch only be a faulty hardware part so i'll have to contact the seller
  22. Unfortunately even if it were a certain temp, one day it runs the whole day without issues, the next day it crashes 10 times. It happens at fully random from what i can see. It just crashed playing overwatch (much less demanding than Ark)
  23. I will come back on this. This weekend i will be reinstalling windows 10. Would bios time shut the PC down like this though?
  24. unfortunately it didnt, it just shut down again. However scanning through my error messages i found something weird.. (rough translation) The last time the system was shut down at 19:34:04 on 20-2-2017 was unexpected. But the system didnt shut down at that time, it shut down at 20:06:00. (Error code 6008)
  25. it did find corrupted files and repaired them