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  1. After a quick search around (Just got back from work) it seems to be that windows likes to wake a computer from sleep when it wants to install/download updates, as well as for things like automatic defragging and such, try turning things related to that off in taskmanager. Going to try what was suggested in this reddit thread as it seems like it could be the issue.
  2. Not sure if anyone found resolution for this but it literally just happened while I was in the room, -lastwake showed me this: C:\Users\User>powercfg -lastwake Wake History Count - 1 Wake History [0] Wake Source Count - 1 Wake Source [0] Type: Device Instance Path: PCI\VEN_1022&DEV_9604&SUBSYS_96001022&REV_00\3&2b8e0b4b&0&20 Friendly Name: Description: PCI-to-PCI Bridge Manufacturer: (Standard system devices)
  3. Also ran into this issue a fair amount myself, it never seems to be able to make it 24 Hours without starting back up to login screen. My assumption was that it was my chrome notifications from things such as facebook going off and waking my pc up.
  4. This looks really good, I personally haven't heard of Palit as a company myself so I steered clear from their cards, are they essentially just as good as any other 1070? Though to be fair I don't know if there's a huge difference between any 1070. EDIT: For instance maybe the ASUS Dual card, just where I feel like I know the brand more (Amazon Link)
  5. Both valid points, I'd prefer the security of higher speed ram for the future, as it seems that GPU's are the thing that turns over quicker than others, meaning they'll last a bit longer than the other parts. Thanks for the input though EDIT: Or the other way round even...
  6. I'm personally a little worried about dropping below 600W for the PSU, just from personal experience mine's degraded in its capacity, As for the graphics card, I was wanting to get the 1080, though I'm not going to be running games any higher than 1920x1080, at least for a while, at which point I'll probably splash out to whatever the current flagship card is, however I'll definitely keep it in mind as the prices could change a fair bit in the coming weeks in January sales and such, Thanks!
  7. I'd been considering the 6700, non OC, though it's not a great deal cheaper and plan on OC'ing in the future. Thanks for the suggestion though
  8. Greetings humans, I'm currently a student here in the United Kingdom, studying Video Game Production, and I've been looking to build a new PC that will be able to handle the kinds of content creation workloads that I will run into and also stream/play games in the meantime. Thanks in advance for any help provided. 1. Budget and location. My budget for the new pc is around £1200, not realistically being able to go over without running the risk of starving to death in the next 4 months, and I'm from the UK (South, for a more specific area) 2. Aim As stated in my opening paragraph, I'm just looking to build something that can handle rendering workloads as well as streaming games in my off time from studying. Typically I play MOBA's most of the time though I've got half of a steam library that I can barely use due to not being able to run most of the games on medium at native res. 3. Monitors I currently only have one monitor running at 1920x1080, however I would like to expand to two monitors both at 1080p in the future to increase my productivity, or maybe decrease... 4. Peripherals I already have all the peripherals I believe I need as I'm running off of a 21/2 to 3 year old PC so the budget is going 100% on building the PC. 5. Why are you upgrading? So my currently PC is running on a nearly 3 year old AMD FX-6100 @3.6GHz, and I'm not risking OC'ing it as it already runs at far too high of a heat constantly, a borrowed GTX750Ti 2GB and 16GB of 1333MHz RAM, I've used the computer near constantly for the time that I've had it and so many of the parts are doddering on a little now that they're past their manufacturer's warranty. <full parts list here> I'm not totally inexperienced with Building PC's and I've been watching LTT for a good couple of years, so I'm building the PC myself with the assistance of my housemate (Who has built PC's in the past) I've done some research myself and come up with a List of parts that as far as I could tell will work fine in conjunction with one another and provide decent expand-ability for the future if I were to upgrade my GPU or go for SLI at some point. One thing to note is that the cost of Windows is not included in the price as it is supplied by my university free of charge. All prices are from amazon.co.uk as they generally had the cheapest solutions and their customer service has always been good for me. Intel Core i7-6700K 4.0GHz Quad-Core Processor (£315.95) Noctua NH-D9L 46.4 CFM CPU Cooler (£42.95) - I searched around for a good cooler under 155mm (to fit in my chosen case) and this was the only one I could find that was reasonably priced. Was recommended to me to not bother with a single 120mm fan water cooler for the 6700k while I wasn't going to overclock it. Asus Z170 PRO GAMING ATX LGA1151 Motherboard (£133.98) Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4-3200 Memory (£105.97) WD Caviar Blue 1TB HDD (£45.95) Plans to introduce an SSD to the system ASAP though it seemed fair to compromise here in order to save money. Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 8GB G1 (£399.93) This is the main thing that I'm totally unsure on, without having a great deal of knowledge between the different 1070's I'm just wondering if there's a better option for graphics card (Not intending to downgrade or upgrade this to 1060/1080 but if there's a better aftermarket 1070 I'd like to know. Only about £40 lenience however.) Aerocool Aero-500 ATX Mid Tower Case (£35.00) Chose this case as it is a very inexpensive Mid Tower Case that seems to provide enough ventilation to deal with the hardware that I'd like to install. Corsair CXM 650W Semi Modular ATX Power Supply. (£60.99) This is another thing I'm not too up-to-date on, 650W seems like it might be overkill for a 1070/6700k though I intend to keep this rig for a fair amount of time so wanted something with expand-ability. Try not to be nasty if I've actually been a total moron or put this in the wrong area, PcPartPicker hasn't thrown up any incompatibilities, however space within the case isn't something it does to well with so if you notice anything that doesn't seem like it'll fit, give me a shout. pcpartpicker link Any Help is appreciated, looking to buy in around two or three week's time. Thanks for reading if you got this far Henry.