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  1. Yeah its something with my case. I got a new case today, the p500a, because the Trio was a snug fit in my H440 and I barely had to move the GPU to line it up properly. Installed it with ease and no issues at all Thanks.
  2. Ah I see what you're saying, yeah I can still plug in the cables at that point but definitely can't support the card. MSI TRIO 3080 is massive and a bit too heavy...I'm not exactly sure what's keeping it from being an easy install. It might just be too heavy so it's falling towards the motherboard. It's more than double the weight of my previous card so I'm not sure if this is normal or not
  3. Oh sorry I may have explained this wrong, I did actually screw in the card. My concern was that I had to put in more pressure than I've ever had to compared to previous builds to actually put the GPU into a position where I was able to actually screw it in. As I mentioned above, I had to live the GPU away from the motherboard and back towards the back of the case to be able to screw it in. Cables are plugged in already, GPU is installed and working.
  4. Hey there guys, I just received my MSI Trio 3080 and was having quite a bit of difficulty installing it into my case. The issue is, after installing it into the PCI-E slot, the holes weren't lined up with the case so I had to put a lot more pressure than I expected in order to lift the GPU up(away from the motherboard) and pull back(towards the screw lineup) to line it up. Should I be worried? I have the anti sag helping now, the GPU isn't wobbly or anything, and I'm able to play games without issue. I was having some issues with low GPU usage with some games but I think that may just be the games itself and not the hardware. Thanks.
  5. Oh wow, good on Lian Li for doing that. And if the Evo has problems, my NH-D15 will have definitely have problems...I'll take a look at Gamers Nexus' video and decide between the Mesh and P500A. Thanks for the help guys.
  6. I see, thanks for the answer. So if I go for the phanteks p500a, the default fans are good enough. If I want to splurge a bit more, would the Lian Li 011 Dynamic be a good choice as well? Like I said, I have the Corsair LLs and although they're not too quiet, I can probably get away with running them at low RPM and throw in another fan or two.
  7. I'm really not too picky. I'm fine with or without RGB, tempered glass would be nice but if it's significantly quieter without it then I'm fine with the case closed off.
  8. Hey there guys, I'm going to be upgrading to a 3080 and my H440 case doesn't fit the GPU due to a built-in HDD shroud. My case has also always had terrible airflow and cooling so I'm looking to upgrade to a nice case that I can make as quiet as possible when gaming/programming. Does anyone have any case suggestions for good airflow, overall quiet system and enough space for a large 3 fan GPU? Budget isn't a massive issue but I'd also rather not needlessly spend money. I currently have a NH-D15 cooler and 3 Corsair LL fans. Thanks.
  9. Great, that's what I thought but Samsung is always so hyped up so I just wanted to make sure. Appreciate the answers, thanks!
  10. Hey there guys, I'm looking to buy another SSD for my PC which I mainly game and program on. I already have an 860 evo for my OS. For Amazon's Black friday sale here in Canada, the WD Blue 2TB is down to $240 pre tax and the Samsung 860 EVO 2TB is down to $300, both all time low prices. Is the $60 difference worth it to get the Samsung EVO, or is the WD the better choice here? WD: https://www.amazon.ca/Blue-NAND-2TB-SSD-WDS200T2B0A/dp/B073SBRHH6?psc=1&SubscriptionId=AKIAI2TWEDSMJWGPXOQQ&tag=camelcamelcam-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B073SBRHH6 860 EVO: https://www.amazon.ca/Samsung-Internal-MZ-76E2T0B-AM-Version/dp/B0786QNSBD/ref=sr_1_7?keywords=860+evo&qid=1574966549&s=electronics&smid=A3DWYIK6Y9EEQB&sr=1-7 Thanks.
  11. Oh I see, alright thanks I'll give it a week and see how it goes. Even if it doesn't fault, I'll probably end up returning it if I can't get used to this sound... Appreciated.
  12. Hi there guys, I recently bought a WD Black 6TB 7200 RPM HDD and it's been making a weird knocking/rewinding sound every 3-4 seconds.With a headset on I can't hear it but you can hear it across the room which gets a bit annoying. There's no data on this drive yet, it's freshly installed. I ran the WD diagnostic tool and it came up clean. Here's a video I took: Is this noise normal? Thanks.