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  1. Consider looking at the p500a if u can extend ur budget slightly.
  2. I currently have the X570 gaming plus and i'm able to control the limited RGB available on the board through the ICUE corsair software, however i was wondering if i were to buy some fans that weren't corsair, would i also be able to control them through the motherboard on the icue software (they would sync to whatever the motherboard is doing) or would i have to go into the bios itself, or use the manufacturers software for the fans. Thanks.
  3. Hello, i was wondering if anyone had the fans mentioned in the title from Phanteks. I noticed they were a cheaper alternative for fans with both RBG and PWM control, however with them being new there currently aren't any reviews covering them. Anyone information is appreciated.
  4. What would be the best memory configuration, 8x4 3600 or 16x2 3600. I currently have 8x2 sticks however i was wondering if there would be any downsides to 8x4 over 16x2. I'm aware that quad channel is not supported. edit: not supported *
  5. Hello, i'm looking for suggestions for a Mid-range 1080p IPS Panel with thin Bezels, this is to be used as a second monitor so visuals are the main priority. Thanks.
  6. Hello, i'm looking to get a new office/gaming chair and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. My budget is between £100-250 and I'm not looking to buy a used or refurbished chair. Preferably the chair should be mesh but i'm open to all suggestions. Thanks.
  7. Hello, i'm currently looking at getting the Asus Tuf Gaming x570-plus which will be paired with a 3700x. However, before i finally decide i was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for other x570 boards, or if anyone has had this board and their experience so far. Thanks.
  8. Update 4: Assuming either my MOBO or CPU is dead. Today the PC black screened and everything went silent, although the MOBO lights were still on, and no error code was present. I have moved my storage, GPU and PSU into an older PC and everything seems to be working fine currently, so i'm assuming those components aren't the issue.
  9. I'm able to control both monitors separately (when they're both plugged in) and select the refresh rate for that specific monitor without it interfering with the other. I will post a picture once the other monitor is plugged back to show you.
  10. Try changing the input source on your monitor.
  11. Update 3: Issue is still persisting, have tried swapping on the GPU but the same issue occurs. Have made a Reddit post to see if anyone has anymore suggestions. -
  12. Would be interesting if that turns out to be the issue, a lot of ppl seem to run a 240hz/144hz alongside a standard 60hz just fine.
  13. Possibly, i'm using a 240hz display alongside a standard 60hz. Going to use each monitor separately and see if the same error occurs.
  14. Not sure, i managed to get a hold of a spare GPU and it still happened, kind of glad but the problem still remains a mystery. Will keep my previous posted updated and will post a solution if i find one. Edit : Sorry for being unclear with "issue solved".
  15. Issue solved. Turns out it is not my GPU