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  1. So this mainly happens when i open netflix or something and when i try to move my mouse or click on something i just get a massive lag spike where the screen freezes but i can still hear audio playing, when i try to alt tab this happens too PC specs: Ryzen 5 2600 RX570 8GB RAM
  2. Celious

    no POST

    just tried with another monitor and no changes
  3. Celious

    no POST

    The monitor has a dual link DVI-D and a VGA (im using VGA)
  4. Celious

    no POST

    SPECS: Ryzen 5 2600 CPU A320M-S2H-CF Motherboard (Currently installed) GTX 660 8GB RAM stick CX 650 PSU The motherboard's VGA and DVI-D outputs dont display anything the only way to get the monitor to turn on is using the GTX 660's DVI port converted to VGA, the DVI-D port will not work I tried connected my RX 570 but no POST either
  5. Well my teacher just told me it doesn't have to be in tkinter so I just made it with no problem
  6. import Tkinter window = Tk() window.title(“Grid-Game”) window.geometry(“720x460”) window.mainloop()
  7. My teacher gave me a sheet and said I have to make this game, here's the link that I found: http://www.ocr.org.uk/Images/266758-unit-j276-03-programming-project-task-3-sample-non-exam-assessment.pdf Any help with be greatly appreciated
  8. I fixed it now, I needed to put ”global player_dmg” inside the functions
  9. import time import random from random import randint #Player stats player_hp = 100 player_gold = 100 #Player skills Defence = 0 Attack = 0 Magic = 0 Level = 1 #Enemy stats enemy_hp = 100 enemy_dmg = 5 player_dmg = '' def light_attack(): chance = (randint(1,100)) if chance <20: player_dmg = 0 return player_dmg else: player_dmg = (randint(10,15)) return player_dmg def heavy_attack(): chance = (randint(1,100)) if chance <40: player_dmg = 0 return player_dmg else: player_dmg = (randint(20,30)) return player_dmg heavy_attack() print (player_dmg) for some reason it doesn't update the value of "player_dmg" so it prints nothing
  10. Did you make sure your RAM is firmly in its slot?
  11. Maybe you have overclocked it too much?
  12. Hello, i'm trying to make the damage of the sword random, i mean it is but its not changing values and its always the same import time from random import randint #Player stats player_hp = 100 player_dmg = 20 player_gold = 100 iron_sword = 1 gold_sword = 0 #Enemy stats enemy_hp = 100 enemy_dmg = 10 #Swords if iron_sword ==1: player_dmg = (randint(20,30)) if gold_sword ==1: player_dmg = (randint(30,40)) #Base turn_cycle = True while turn_cycle: print("Player is attacking") enemy_hp = (enemy_hp - player_dmg) print("Player did" , player_dmg , "dmg, enemy has" , enemy_hp , "hp left!") time.sleep(2) print("") print("Enemy is attacking") player_hp = (player_hp - enemy_dmg) print("Enemy did" , enemy_dmg , "dmg, player has" , player_hp , "hp left!") print("") if enemy_hp < 1: print("you won") player_gold = player_gold + 10 turn_cycle = False elif player_hp < 1: print("you lost") turn_cycle = False the player_damage is always the same.. so is there any way i can refresh it or something?
  13. nvm i got it, i assigned a variable to the randomiser then print the variable