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  1. Apparently you can fit a 280mm up top if you lower the exhaust fan.
  2. Oof. Yeah but I'm wondering about that case and whether or not I can fit two rads in it. Both being 280mm
  3. So that has 3 fans right? Mine only had two so it can fit the rad and fans in front.
  4. PSA: No I do not want to do a custom loop and I realize I would not see much performance gain by switching out my cpu air cooler for an AIO. Okay, So I have this build with the exception of the second AIO (Right now I have a Noctua D-15). My problem is that I saw that you can fit a 280mm AIO up top if you move the exhaust fan down even though fractal design specs state that it only supports up to 240mm. Want I want to accomplish is simply this: Front 280mm AIO running to GPU using the G12 bracket, and 280mm AIO top mounted for the CPU. One rear exhaust fan. In theory I should have good thermals right? Also will this fit with both AIO's installed? I have been googling my ass off to see if someone has this particular set up and cannot find a single one due to it being so specific. I was referencing a hardwarecanuks video and a bitwit video and it looks like the AIO up top that is a 240mm AIO leaves just enough room for another AIO to be installed in the front. HELP ME PLEASE. And thank you for your time. Edit: I'm also open to putting a 140mm AIO at the bottom front part of the case with an additional intake fan and putting the 280mm on top for the cpu.
  5. @wildthing Just installed the Noctua D-15. Without delidding I'm hitting 5GHZ @ 1.375. Max temps under Aida64 load for 15 minutes is 72 C. This Cooler is a monster. Thank you!
  6. Awesome thank you! I'm going to order that cooler before I delid.
  7. As far as the liquid metal application goes how do I reseal it? Does the kit come with it a material to reseal it? I'm willing to go back to air cooling. How would the Noctua NH-D15 perform on this level? I have a Hyper 212 Evo in my old rig that I can still add a fan on.
  8. Currently running an 8600k overclocked to 4.8ghz with a h80i v2 for cooling. I also have additional fans in my case (nzxt s340) Right now under an AIDA64 load for 15 minutes I'm getting a successful OC at 1.245 V. I'm attempting to join the 5GHZ club just for bragging rights. I had a 5GHZ OC @ 1.375V but temps reached to 100 C. I just switched to thermal grizzly conductonaut and it is a world of a difference but I'm wondering what I can do to push it 200 mhz more. Any tips? I was thinking of delidding. If that's the case can someone help me on where can I get the tools to do so?
  9. So I ran prime95 for almost an hour and here are my temps. Do you think I have any room to push my 8600k any further?
  10. Thank you for your input. I do get where your coming from but searching on amazon and seeing like the "red dragon mechanical keyboard" plus like all of the other random "gamey names" I just want some real people to offer me up a decent selection. I think I'm going to go with this. It's not cherry mx but I think I might like it.
  11. Yeah just a year later. Maybe a new brand has hit the market and someone has recently picked it up and would like to recommend it to me. All I'm doing is fishing for user reviews within a community that I trust.
  12. I'm willing to go the route to buy one and get used to it or return it if I absolutely hate it. Thank you for your input.
  13. Alright you do you, but this forum isn't your personal googling machine I know it's not. And I have read recent reviews I come here to see what your average-enthusiast user would buy.