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  1. 1 hour to go until the New Year in MST First up will be to not fucking waste any more time then I am currently doing on the pc in forums, typing stuff whether it be useful or not. Either I shall come in and post something when I need an answer quickly and I am too lazy to use the interweb's search function. or I will be a proper citizen of the interweb and learn shit from forums by actually using the search function. and I will try to learn stuff from YT, how to articles and not get mad and stupid fucks posting crap on YT. If you see me breaking my personal contract, give me a bitch slap and punch me in the nuts and tell me "Smarten up, you, BOSSMAN, got better things to do then waste copious amounts of time, fucking around on the internet, no one cares what you think" its been a blast Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
  2. Its easy to figure out and find the pin-out of their proprietory PSU's.
  3. So you take per-batum what the horses mouth says huh. Wow! Independant reviews and benchmarks are what is needed, not some promo video from the horses mouth.
  4. I wouldnt trust them at all. Thats a promo video that AMD put out.
  5. Hold out for RyZen Yeah but what about performance? No doubt there will be a flock of sheep to do benchmarks. Who are the top benchmarkers to view when the shit lays down?
  6. Please dont do the stupid shit that most YT presenters do, it annoys the fuck out of me and millions of other uses. 1) Shaky video 2) Crappy Sound or wind in microphone 3) text over video plus countless other things. Just do what Linus and Luke do.
  7. This is a common tactic in the retail industry. Swap and bait scam.
  8. Who is drinking to get drunk tonight? Do you really care about New Years, or is it just another false reason to get drunk? What are you drinking tonight? and Why? .....but can you play Crysis drunk? What do you do about crumbs getting into the crevices of the keyboard? Do you seran wrap your keyboard and tell people its for the crumbs and drinks when really its to keep bodily fluids from wrecking it, and no not drool, the reproductive fluids What is Linus doing tonight? What about Luke? Why are those the only 2 people in LTT that are hot? Can you build a computer drunk as shit? Choose a hard LGA to insert the cpu and down 12 cans of beer in 1 hour then do it and see. Its new years in the EST zone in 17 minutes, does anyone care?
  9. And those that feel that they have to buy new are suckers!
  10. Used CPU's are so much cheaper and better $/performance. I got no clue why people are even considering 6th stuff.
  11. An older generation Xeon, or a used i7-4770 or something like that.
  12. I wish to win the $60,000,000 Canadian Dollars Lotto, then I would hire a helicopter to fly me to Edmonton City airport and have a hired stretch limo (classic style) waiting, I'd tell the driver to take me to a costume supply store to buy very long fake hair, and some huge shades, and a great huge long beard then go to the Lotto Office in St. Albert to sign all the papers and get my cheque and I assume I'd be binded to take a picture, which would be done and I'd leave quickly back to the helicopter, back home, another hired limo (suburban) straight to the bank to meet the head honcho's of 2 major banks for a deposit. We would discuss "high roller" low risk investment products. Then off to interview lawyers, accountants, driver/body guards, cook/dietician and a personal assitant. I'd then be off to visit real estate properties in and around the city. Automobile Dealership to buy vehicles. I'd then hire some brawny tough ass people who are friends of Bill & Bob to keep me inline.
  13. I do not know if its official or not but you can you cant put borders on Mother Earth.
  14. German I can somewhat understand, its a sexy romantic language.
  15. I cant understand a word they are screaming. That doesnt take much skill or finesse. Just like Techno/Rave/Electronic stuff. All no skill.
  16. Its night and day, I got the i5-4570 in a HP and its blows the hair back. Ladies love that aspect
  17. Stop What? Whats wrong with used? NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Thats highly dependant on background services isnt it?
  19. Mens bathrooms are always dirty as us men dont care about cleanliness. Whereas womens bathrooms they care about cleanliness. I always "try" to take more care when using a womens bathroom when the mens is taken and I really gotta go, for example at a Tim Hortons. But otherwise I wait for the mens to be available. Gender Neutral terminology is wrong in my opinion and should be the good ole classic mens/womens bathroom or "unisex" as stated earlier. I believe bylaw (maybe even building) codes require a certain size & type of building to require handicap bathrooms. I have seen places where they have male, female, family and handicapped bathrooms all side by side, a shopping mall for example.
  20. I am not close to the border at all. Hours and hours and hours of driving.
  21. Whats the currency? There are a dozen countries that use the dollar, all at various levels of conversion factors.