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  1. Okay so i have my hands of the der8auer deliding tool and i'm wondering if i need to use thermal grizzly liquid metal or if i can just use kryonaut between the ihs and the cpu die as i just feel more comfortable using a non conductive thermal paste. Also would be interested if anyone could give me an idea of what sort of temp improvements i should be able to get? i should probably add that i'm using a be quiet dark rock tf air cooler.
  2. Aluminium plated heat sink meaning the fins the cpu block and heats pipes are nickle plated copper
  3. I have this bequiet cooler https://www.bequiet.com/en/cpucooler/572
  4. Just a question about how to use liquid metal lots of videos show how to apply it to the cpu die and ihs for best results. However my question is what to use between the ihs and the heatsink do i need to use liquid metal to get teh same temps or is normal thermal paste the best idea. Haven't been able to find an answer would appreciate some help cheers.
  5. To know if it'll be a bottle neck need the resolution you want to run at and the refresh rate. 1080p you may hit a bottle neck but it will be eventually but only at really high frames rates game dependant of course but if you watch the vidoes you are hitting frame rates 100+ and even higher 200+ for e sports titles 1440p less likely especially for triple a titles 4k the great equaliser you probably wouldn't notice a difference between 6500 and 6700. so yeah go ahead and upgrade i'm running a 1070 on 4790k at 1440p without any problems
  6. i don't know its says pci ssd on the website buts that's it except the size
  7. So i just got a new laptop after having to return my last one due to an ssd fault. I've run crystal disk mark to check to see if the replacement is okay but i have pretty much zero idea what the scores mean so i'd just like to ask if this is okay for an ssd as far as i can tell the pc feels snappy to use.
  8. i'm a student with all inclusive house contract power included already mining on my 1070 mainly doing it as a hobby but just looking for a cheap way to still be able to use my pc for work
  9. So i'm using my igpu while my gtx 1070 is mining which makes it unusable to everyday work loads and i was just wondering what cheap nvidia gpus would be good just for running a 1440p monitor which is something my motherboard is incapable of doing with the igpu its an msi gaming 5 but refuses to support 1440p on dvi. A mate offered to sell me an asus gtx 1050 2gb for £65 do you think this is a decent price and also do you think i could use it for mining as well when i'm not just using my computer?
  10. So i'm thinking that i could do with a cheap way to improve game loading times i currently have a 1 tb wd blue hard drive for games and i was wondering if i did raid 1 with another hard drive would that increase game loading speed by a significant enough amount to be worth it and if not what would you recommend for getting the best performance at the best value would also like some redundancy to so raid 0 isn't ideal any help appreciated. I have support for up to 4 hard drives for the raid.
  11. So i'm thinking of upgrading my pc to a ryzen based system and the one thing i'm a little unsure of overclocking with ryzen. I know with intel that speedstep still works when you overclock but with amd i've heard that when you overclock on ryzen it will always be at the max frequency so does anyone know if this is the case or if amd have got there cool n quiet working when you overclock? any help appreciated
  12. the msi one matched my colour scheme but that is just personal preference they are all good cards just pick which one you want
  13. I have an mis gaming 5 z97 and i'd like to know if i can turn of the debug led once the computer is booted as i don't want it to show cpu temps but i'm not sure how to change it any help would be appreciated
  14. The game was ashes of the benchmark on max it was using between 80% to 100% on a 3v3 map
  15. So i have a msi gaming 1070 and i was playing ashes and i noticed my gpu was clocking to 1930Mhz however when i stress test it it'll go up to 2090Mhz and i'm just curious why is this?