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  1. aaaactualllllyyyyyy the police in Australia are cracking down on "inattentive driving" which can be anything from drinking a coffee from a takeaway cup, eating fast food to using a satnav or fiddling with CD's in the radio even women doing their makeup while at stoplights. All under "Inattentive driving"
  2. In Australia, if you pull over into a car park to answer your phone you also have to turn the engine off or get out of the car to be legal even if its 40C outside and you want the A/C on ?
  3. here in Australia basically if a road is accessible to the general public with no gate shutting it off then it is classified as a public road private or public land
  4. Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-08-06/laws-banning-mobile-payments-at-drive-thrus-provokes-motorist/11384228 " A Victoria Police social media post reiterating the illegalities of using a mobile phone to pay for an order in a drive-through restaurant has sparked a backlash online " Australians are being fined up to " $484 and the loss of four demerit points" for using pay-wave on their phones at fast-food drive-throughs. the backlash came after a facebook post from victoria police
  5. try right clicking the driver in device manager and click update driver in there and see if windows can update it
  6. I thought so, just seemed weird that a brand new 2070 would do this
  7. My mate got a new RTX2070 about a week ago it worked fine for a few days but now its just showing artifacting and weird pixelation is the card broken? System: CPU: i7 8700k GPU: MSI 2070 Duke Ram: 2X8GB Corsair Dominator Platnium PSU: Be Quiet! 600W 80+ Gold