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  1. That's what I was worried about thank you very much!
  2. Hello there I recently learned the hard way that I should really double check my items before hitting buy on Newegg. I bought a x570 board and new ryzen 7 processor to replace my 1st Gen ryzen system. I simply typed "AM4 waterblock" into Google neweggs xc9 rgb was the number one hit so I blindly added it to my cart and hit purchase went through the whole process only once it arrives today did I notice that I bought the lga 2066/ str4 version of this waterblock. There's no return option on Newegg for some reason does anyone know if this block has standard asektek mounting? I don't want to open it in case I need to sell it please any help is greatly appreciated
  3. So I’m working in a really small 3D printed case the original intent was for air not liquid however I was able to fit a 240mm rad in it so I’m goin with liquid instead and was just wondering if there’s a problem with going Res>Pump>Rad>Block? I’m using soft tubing and just trying to figure if I do it this way will my pump get hurt by having the hot liquid from the cpu going straight to it instead of to the radiator? It’s pretty much the only way I can have the loop work without taking everything out and re printing my Mobo tray.
  4. has anyone been able to get over the "cannot wirte crash dump" error when trying to play wolfenstein the new colossus? My computer has 16gb ram, ryzen 7 1700, gtx 1060 6gb so i dont know how disabling the display adapter would help in my case? any help is very much appreciated.
  5. So recently my computer got some malware from downloading the wrong java file, I was cleaning it off with malwarebytes and afterwards I noticed I’m no longer able to use Microsoft apps I.e. Microsoft store, Xbox app, any app installed from Microsoft store, and edge. I was wondering if anyone has a way to fix this whiteout having me go back through and clean installing Windows..
  6. no I have not, I haven't changed any settings or anything and then my computer just reset and says that I only have 8GB
  7. Still nothing, only showing 8GB. Clean install, reset and cleared bios updated to the later bio from MSI. I think I’m just going to get a different motherboard and try it out.
  8. First thing I tried doing after it was recording mended N another post hasn’t had any affect
  9. I tested both sticks in each slot all of them work put in a different hard drive with Windows 10 fresh install nothing else on it. Could it be a bios thing?
  10. okay I do have one and ill try that right now and post once my pc is back up
  11. only changes I made was buying and installing rainbow six siege and players unkown, ill updateonce I check to see if both sticks are working thanks for the help
  12. with ram prices as they are right now, that's impossible for my budget
  13. Ryzen doesn’t have an IGPU though, can it still try to do that?
  14. I’m having an issue that another user pointed out when trying to figure out why so much of my ram was committed in Windows 10, Windows detects 16GB of ram but is only allowing me to use 8GB of ram when I have 16 GB installed(as seen in image below), worried I reseated my ram, followed their instructions to go through MSConfig but it’s still says the same thing.