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    c'est la vie!
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    Intel i386
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    a piece of paper
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    a fork
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    a shoe box
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    a file cabnet
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    a potato
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    a light bulb
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    a nice breeze
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    a board that has keys stapled to it
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    a real mouse
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    a cup
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    Windows ME

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    Null island
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    Me and only me
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    I sexually identify as a math test
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    Doin' stuff

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  1. Why not put the studs on the outside so you can actually see them

  2. Waterproof phone

    Hello everyone, i got a lg g6 and i recently dropped in a 1/2 inch of water... And im a little worried that i could do damaige. What should i do? Even if it has a ip68 rating, there is still the unprotected ports and the speakers.
  3. 'Cause when the feelin's right I'm gonna run all night
    I'm gonna run to you! 

  4. Ebay uses emojis and its horrible 

  5. Im a fucking god at pubg mobile 2 "winner winners" in my first 4 tries 

    1. aisle9


      Yeah, but when's the last time you got laid?

    2. v0nn_toaster


      go to my "about" section, im guessing you can figure it out from there. 

  6. Ebay more like EGAY

  7. How ya gonna do it?

    Your gonna PS/2 it!

  8. Remove sticker residue from cpu

    I ended up just using brake cleaner #yolo
  9. Remove sticker residue from cpu

    Already tried that, no luck.
  10. I recently bought a core 2 quad, and the retards that shipped to me had a sticker on it, now how can i remove this glue stuff from the metal part?
  11. Eins, zwei, drei

    Shiki-shiki Schweine!

  12. PUBG mobile ON PC

    no, i will try it!
  13. If you think your pc can handle it you can run bluestacks. It's an android device emulator.

    1. v0nn_toaster


      Why did you post this on my profile instead of on the actual thread? 

  14. PUBG mobile ON PC

    because my phone is really bad, i want to play PUBG on android but i have no clue how to run it on PC, so I've tried to download remix os but the download site doesn't work. so i have no clue what to do now. Any ideas?
  15. You cant spell nutrition without N U T

    1. Ross Scarlet
    2. ARikozuM


      You also can’t spell vegan without “assholes”.