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  1. LGA775 motherboards

    OR that HP one that i looked at, coolers are available. But they dont seem to have a fan...i wonder if you could passive cool a CPU..huh
  2. LGA775 motherboards

    Hmm, if anyone could find one that would support a intel stock cooler and thats under $13 that would be great
  3. Im looking for LGA775 motherboard on ebay for under $15 The only thing i see is OEM boards, and i have some questions for anyone who can answer them For this HP board Link Does it work with the standard intel stock cooler, or do i need a OEM one And for HP, Dell, Lenovo boards, after i bois update do they support ALL or MOST lga775 CPU's or just a select few Thanks
  4. Is my CPU too hot?

    In my 2nd rig i have a pentium e5300 that i installed like week, anyway at light load (youtube, LTT forums, steam messages) all running, it CUPID HWmonitor it reads highs of 38C is that normal?
  5. What do people use home servers for?

    After reading the replies building a server for me and my friends annual lan parties could be a reasonable investment, thank you all for your insight
  6. What do people use home servers for?

    What im saying is why do you need a server when you have a internal drive
  7. What do people use home servers for?

    what things What "production servers"
  8. I really dont see the appeal of normal people having servers in there home, anyone who has a server in there house...why do you have it? I like the concept but i cant see what to do with a home server.
  9. Because have extreme nostalgia to...last year... can i check too see when i FIRST played a steam game?
  10. One time i got banned from the Beamng forums...Twice..

    1. Hiitchy


      What did you do, tell them physics is a state of mind? 

    2. Beanie Boi
  11. When you nut in no nut November and someone finds out


  12. Is this a good build?

    whats your case lol
  13. USB 3.0 flash drive as SSD???

    Nono from january 1st 2018 to yesterday i got a total of $15 Why the fuck would i spend 1/2 my money to buy something i dont need?