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  1. Most of the items im planning to buy will ship from china, i guess they will ship to me (not free shipping) so i think im good
  2. So, can every seller deliver it to me?
  3. Hi guys, I am planning to build my pc soon with a limited budget so I decided to buy some used parts. I'm from the Philippines and I find it hard to find any used pc parts in here, so I checked ebay and I wanna ask you guys if they ships the item from the seller to my doorstep (without this third party shipping carts, i dont' trust them)
  4. My phone is rooted though, I think this is why AVs cant detect the malware
  5. Nope, i think not as dont download lots of apps. And i always download from play store
  6. Yep. That's what I thought so but i don't usually download risky files except for torrents
  7. So ive had this android phone for abt 2 yrs now (v 4.4) and some thing just pops up in the browser (eventhough im not using the browser at that time) and open this url http://clinkadtracking.com/tracking?camp=10001833&pubid=565& . It just randomly shows up when im watching youtube, playing games or texting. I ve checked my device woth multiple AVs now and says there's no problem, i even reformatted my device and its still the case. Sometimes, it even downloads app (apus launcher, msg center, settings, my apps - all of which pops up ads on the screen after install) and install it without any of my permission. What do you think guys is the problem?
  8. Now that ryzen is on the market, do you guys still recommend fx processors on workstations?
  9. Note: i only play eSports games on laptops
  10. There's really no option for me to buy used as i live in the Philippines and it's hard to find anything
  11. Hi guys, i need suggestions for a laptop for college works and for some light gaming at $450
  12. need some sources for pyrolysis and how it works.thanks