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  1. That is great news for me (or at least I think so). Tomorrow I will buy a mobo, which does not start with 4pin only with 8 pin. If the lines are connected parallel it must mean that the guys PSU was not functioning correctly. Otherwise I will have a hard time with the board
  2. Hi guys! Does anyone know, if on the motherboard, not on the psu itself, the 12V pins for the 8pin EPS connector are connected together or are they separated into 2x2 power delivery "lanes". The mobo in question is an Asus P7P55D. Thank you in advance!
  3. I really would have liked to see maze structured aluminum 3D printed heatsing thing, but oh well, hacksaw it is I guess
  4. I personally hate the idea that you have to hunt for a non-smart TV nowadays. My main problem is that it adds just another point of failure. They could easily implement HDR and TV specific features in an ASIC and leave out all the unnecessary apps, but noooo they just have to shove it in your face. Plus if it does not run something like Android the apps are rarely maintained, and sometimes they even get blocked, and they just sit there being useless.
  5. I will check for those (sadly only in a week), thank you.
  6. I hope someone will figure it out, not only for me, but for everyone who has a similar problem
  7. They are all family PCs. And sadly I did a full wipe on all, not just once, and still.
  8. That is what bothers me. I see no pattern in performance.
  9. So when Windows 10 first came out I was one of the few people who told everybody and their dog to install it because it was sooo great. Fast forward a year or so and I feel betrayed. All PCs below run Windows 10 and every PC runs it differently. My laptop, which has a 120GB 850 EVO and a Core i7 in it runs smooth as butter. Laptop 1 with an i5 and a HDD also runs good considering it is a HDD. Laptop 2, a bit weaker processor + HDD runs terrible. So unresponsive that it is unusable. Desktop 1 - i5 + HDD runs okay, intermittent unresponsiveness. Desktop 2 - AMD Phenom X4 9550 + (cheap chinese) SSD, somethimes ok, somethimes 10 min boot times + unresponsive Desktop 3 - AMD APU + HDD, unresponsive Now that is what I call inconsistency. Also these systems are not too old, and the hardware in most of them is more than capable. My question is what the hell is going on? Windows 7s performance was reflected on the underlying hardware. Windows 10 just seems to do a dice roll regarding its behavior. Also, most of the time disk usage is in unreal territory when idle. Any suggestions? Edit: I would also like to note that, Prefetch-Superfetch and Indexing is disabled. Windows Defender is disabled. Show me tips about Windows is disabled. Many background services are also disabled.
  10. That sounds nice. How long did it take you to reach the level of knowledge about stream you are currently on? Did you create any web based video players so far? If yes, any good reading material on getting started with stream decoding on the web?
  11. I have no idea what, if anything changed. As you said, I am not in the club. My primary idea is to bring the FPC to Kodi. That is what I wanted to help with.
  12. That is one option Or maybe we are going to need 3 PCs. One would be a master server who controls the two other PCs whose job is to render a frame for each eye, and then we can have 2 Titan XPs per PC. Wouldn't that be just magical?