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  1. Tahsin Alam

    DAC that pairs well with an HD 800 or HD 6XX?

    Aune X1s dac amp combo Real deal
  2. Tahsin Alam

    Headphones Or Speakers Under 80$

    Phillips shp9500s good stuff
  3. Tahsin Alam

    Looking for Closed-Back Headphones (200$)

    BH Sound HP-2 Ultralight Beryllium Headphones Good Stuff
  4. Tahsin Alam

    Annoying Android Bug

    Thanks a lot man.I am gonna try it and let you know if it worked.
  5. Tahsin Alam

    Annoying Android Bug

    Hey Guys, I use a htc e9 plus.Recently it started acting really weird.Very slow and Sluggish Ui.Crashing apps,unable to open play store, taking 15 secs to make a call after pressing the dial button,the syncing process never ends and Syncs nothing,not being able to remove the Google account like I press on remove and It says processing but nothing happens.The big thing is I can't even factory reset my phone.Pressing on wipe data does nothing. So I managed to perform the reset from bootloader.Then it was working just fine.1 day later it said My Google play services isn't up to date and started the same problem.can't even open the app store how am I supposed to fix this? This phone is now completely useless to me.
  6. Tahsin Alam

    Internet Access Related

    Hey Guys, So i live in a country(don't ask which) where political situation is not going well.So the government came up with a solution of cutting off the internet access throughout the country for a certain period of time everyday(1-2hour).This is freaking annoying. Now I don't have much knowledge about these at all.VPN doesn't work.So can you suggest me something that I can try?
  7. Tahsin Alam

    Internet Access Related

    Thanks for your reply Guys.Guess I'll have to live with it for some days.
  8. Tahsin Alam

    Galaxy s5 screen replacement

    Hey guys I have a galaxy s5 and the screen is completely shattered no post.Opened it.the motherboard seems okay.I have Xperia z new display laying around.Will it work if I connect the motherboard with it? Can anything bad happen?
  9. Tahsin Alam

    Galaxy s5 screen replacement

    Nah man. I'm gonna make it harder for me.
  10. Tahsin Alam

    Galaxy s5 screen replacement

    Thanks Guys.I think I will give it a shot.
  11. Tahsin Alam

    WiFi antenna broken

    Hey Guys, I use a Xperia Z (yeah, a outdated phone) .I was getting low signal strength on my phone today.So I opened it and saw one WiFi antenna is sort of broken from the motherboard and hanging there. WiFi is working though.Any ghetto fix for this?
  12. Tahsin Alam

    WiFi antenna broken

    Barely connected. Just hanging by a corner.The other one is completely ok.
  13. Tahsin Alam

    IPS/VA monitor recommendation

    High refresh rate? IF NOT then you might want to take a look At LG 29UM68-P
  14. Hey Guys. I have a desktop which I use for gaming and regular stuffs.But I need a laptop now and have a really tight budget.I will use it for Web browsing and media playbacks heavily. Not really for gaming but i will be nice if I can run some low spec games.What do you guys think is best for me under 500$ and please add a 20-40$ CHEAPER option just in case. Must be from a good brand.Links are appreciated.Please ignore the grammatical errors.
  15. Tahsin Alam

    Buying PC parts Suggestion

    Hello Guys, I live in a country where some high end pc parts are not avail.I have searched nzxt coolers but didn't find it till now.Monitors like Asus PG279q and Acer XB271hu/X34 is not available but Pg348q and Pg278q IS available.I never found a retailer or distributor who sells watercooling parts. So you would say > BUY THEM FROM AMAZON. But amazon doesn't ship in my country. Please ignore English errors
  16. Tahsin Alam

    Need some help with new pc.

    Hello Guys I watch youtube tech videos.Pretty much gathered knowledge of building a pc. I am going to build a pc after a few day.maybe a month. But i have no idea about the software,applications and uefi.Someone please help me out. 1.What applications do i need after building a pc.I know i have install the drivers.But what regular stuffs music and video player etc et. Please let me where can i get them. 2.I have no clear idea about bios.What changes need to be made? How to overclock both cpu and gpu.? I need some guide of them.Any clue? 3.I need to what test applications do people use? Stuffs like monitoring temps,Benchmarking,checking if the system stable or not, fan controlling amd other test apps. 4. Please let me know what softwares you guys use? Some useful apps for regular usage.Recommend anything. That'll help me a lot. Sorry for my bad English.Thanks
  17. Tahsin Alam

    Need some help with new pc.

    Thanks @mok
  18. Tahsin Alam

    Need some help with new pc.

    Thanks Everyone
  19. Tahsin Alam

    Need some help with new pc.

    Also pls recommend a browser. Is chromed enough. What application do i need to ssd? Installing browser in ssd make browsing faster?
  20. Tahsin Alam

    Do i need a M.2 storage

    M.2 and PCI-e based storages are fast but do everyone need it? What are the main advantages of having them.Please explain. Off topic: Which files should i store in a HDD and which files in SSD.should i install games in SSD?
  21. Tahsin Alam


    Does Liquid cpu COOLERS helps air flow in the case?Can i use it as intake and rear and top fan as exhaust? Or is that just cool the cpu. Anyone can suggest the best cooling technique for Nzxt s340 elite with a liquid cooler at front. Thanks
  22. Tahsin Alam

    What monitor should i get?

    If $300 then asus MX279h If you are willing to spend a bit more then Asus MG279q. Btw you are saving money with 1070.
  23. Tahsin Alam

    What monitor should i get?

    1.Bottleneck. If your i5 bottlenecks your 1080 means your i5 is not capable of getting the most out of your gpu.your performance will get worse. 2. If you want just gaming and save some money go with gtx 1070.If you do video editing and want to spend more money go with a i7 6700k 3.SSD improves performance.It improves overall speed.make pc boot faster. Should be in your list. 4.Now if that was my build i would have gone for A asus motherboard. For the build quality and better UEFI.But it depends on you.You like gigabyte? Match with you color scheme? Then go for it.Gigabyte is good as well. 4.Monitor depends on your budget. If you want a high end monitor Asus PG279q for the most out of gaming. Acer X34 for the ultrawide beauty,premium color quality and its also good for gaming. Both have G-sync
  24. I need suggestion for case.Must be tempered glass window.I really like the NZXT s340 Elite. But is there anything else? I don't want glass on the back of the case.the cables look naked.so phanteks entho and Corsair crystal is not in my list. Can you guys suggest anything better? Anything under $150-200
  25. Tahsin Alam

    Bios,drivers and test guide.

    Actually I need a explanation guide about all those things. But thanks. appreciate your help.