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  1. Actually this happened several months ago and I have took the thing out of my system and now it's working just fine. Well yeah I think it's KAPUTT!!!
  2. I have clear the driver several times even goes as far to reinstall windows
  3. I used to bump my PC a lot too. But, it's usually the is either the 24pin, 4pin cpu, or the graphics card slot
  4. I have a Powercolor R7 240 with 2GB of GDDR5 memory (I know) and recently my PC just suddenly freezes randomly or if not freezing it just blue screen with this code on it! I think it's dead
  5. I'll make this quick. So basically my neighbor did a Linus to his laptop and now the hard disk is dead. I think that it was previously installed with windows 8 pro QUESTION: if I replaced it and install windows 10 or 8 on it, can it grab the license key from somewhere in the hardware? or I have to buy a new license key?
  6. I haven't used it for quite a while And yea probably the battery's dead Been planning to replace it myself, just haven't got around to do it.
  7. I does that everytime I pluged it in, oww and the the perecentige is so random
  8. Does anyone what could've caused this? Hoping it's just a battery issue Forgot to mention its a Samsung Tab 4 (sm-t331) WhatsApp Video 2020-07-07 at 05.06.32.mp4
  9. Welp!!! looks like I have to get her a new charger then *opens wallet* *big puff of dust came out* *cough cough* nvm.
  10. Yea I have tried it with my mom's (A50s) and my brother's (A20s) original charging cable still the same thing