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    DIY stuffs, Tech Hardware, PC Building


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    i7 3770k
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    AsRock Z77 Extreme4-M
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    16GB Avexir White DDR3
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    ASUS GTX 1060 3GB Dual O.C Edition
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    Jonsbo UMX3
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    Crucial MX300 275GB & WD 1TB Blue
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    Seasonic M12II 520W
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    ASUS VS238H-P
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    DeepCool Captain EX 120 White

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  1. As a disclaimer, i have never tried an expresscard egpu as well, but i wish to and am currently waiting for a good deal on a T420. I have read abit online and i believe it might work to your expectations. Check out these sites for additional help: https://www.reddit.com/r/thinkpad/comments/4fgl1y/my_thinkpad_t430_exp_gdc_v8_experience/ (check the comments, i believe someone mentioned GTA V w T430 & GTX 750ti) https://egpu.io/forums/expresscard-mpcie-m-2-adapters/us7-50-generic-mpcie-egpu-adapter/ (pros & cons for the various types of adapters available) If you need more technical help on an egpu setup, you can visit the forums on epgu.io site. Also, the thinkpad reddit provides alot of information other than egpu. On a side note, if you are getting a new battery for your T430, you will need to whitelist your bios. And as for the case of genuine or oem batteries, i have been using an oem one on my X240 and it is working perfectly fine. It is a hit and miss kind of thing, similar to buying other products. Hope it helps!
  2. Noted and thank you all for your kind input!
  3. Hi all, As the above title, I would like to know if i can output a 1366x768 res laptop to a 1920x1080 res monitor. Isit possible? Thanks
  4. 1. case and gpu/psu compatibility (refer to image shown at the bottom of the post) -i did a quick google search and the results show that your case is a mini tower case. basically, it supports an atx psu (99% of the psu available in your hardware stores are atx-sized psu) and can probably fit any gpu that is within 9 inches (some gpus have 2 fans that exceed 9 inches, if you wish, you can get a single fan gpu as well), any more than that, you will have to modify the case or imo, you are better off getting a new case. 2.will the i3 4150 bottleneck the gtx 1060 -it probably will, in multi-threaded games. imo, an i5 and gtx 1060 will probably let you have a upper medium-high settings gaming experience on most games in the market currently. btw, csgo is nt that graphics demanding, you can easily hit upwards of 200++fps ahahaha endstate, just get an any i5 4th gen cpu (supports your mobo's socket), a gtx 1060 (if the price margin is nt that huge as compared to the gtx 1050ti) and a decent psu brand (evga, seasonic, corsair etc.) with that, you are good to go for budget gaming experience **do consider getting a new case and cpu cooler for btr airflow and cooling solution >< the case is akin to a sauna
  5. ahahaha imo i think ryzen 3 (if it comes out in your area) is a much better option if you are on a budget as it already has 4 cores and 4 threads clocked at decent base speeds. f or any more excessive cores & threads, you are probably looking at a workstation build. unless your school work requires you to do stuffs like video editing, then go for more cores and ram for the case, i think endstate, just pick any available case that captures your attention and has an affordable price tag on it as well. other than that, i think you are all set for gaming on a budget! good luck and savour the taste of accompishment when finish building it great choice for your psu too btw (i am using one as well)
  6. hi there, i have no qualms with the build as it is akin to most budget gaming builds out there. Comments: 1) for the mobo, stick with the b250 if you are not overclocking, if you are, then go for the z270. a b250 mobo is preferred as there are more ram slots available and it is generally more aesthetically pleasing as compared to h110 mobo. 2) for the gpu, if it is just esports title, a gtx 1050 is sufficient, if you are looking at more intensive games, go for a gtx 1060. just compare the price difference and make a call if the increase in performance is worth the upgrade. the the difference between the gpu models are the aftermarket coolers and their clock spds, which imo, have differing values of insignificance. Tips to save abit more money: 1) i am from a southeast asia country as well and a fan of cases sold by Tecware. the Tecware edge is a nice case but you can save abit more if you go for the Tecware f3 elite, which is a beautiful case less the presence of a psu shroud. 2) another tip will be to just go for the cheapest mobo/gpu variant that you can find. i think that in the philippines, MSI mobos and Zotac gpus are quite popular and high in quantity, so just pick any b250/gtx 1050/ gtx 1060 Tips for more aesthetics: 1) for cpu coolers/case fans, you can go for id cooling. their products are based from the corsair series and are aesthetically appealing 2) an rgb led strip 3) custom diy acrylic gpu/psu shroud by yourself (you can learn from JPmodified on youtube) or approach shops like Strategic Technologies (???) and yeah, i do agree that prices in south east asia countries are generally expensive as compared to the states as i think that its not just the local distributors that are trying to earn a profit, but the local pc stores as well. thats why sometimes i order from Amazon i usually get storage/rams/psu(love the brand EVGA), other than that, i will go for parts with local warranty!
  7. LOL oops i initially wanted to follow the tutorial thingy but gave up halfway, forgot to remove the first header!
  8. 1. Budget & Location I am from Singapore and my budget is around 1500SGD. I would like a white/black build and the games that i play are mainly Overwatch, CSGO & Fifa 17. Here are some of the queries that i have: 1. Go for i5 7500 or 7400? Price diff around 25SGD, any performance drawbacks besides the core speed? 2. Any other white casings with a nice windowed side panel? 3. Any custom gpu backplate/cable sleeves to recommend? That can ship to Singapore Current build in mind: i5 7500 OR i5 7400 + ASRock H270 Pro 4 Cyrorig C7 CPU Cooler Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2400 8GB Asus GTX 1060 3GB Dual Fan OC Edition Corsair 400C OR NZXT S340 Elite White Casing Owned Parts: Crucial MX300 275GB WD 1TB HDD Seasonic M12II 520W DeepCool 350 RGB Led Strips
  9. I agree with mi26, the h100i cooler is unnecessary, a better gpu will allow perform better while gaming at higher settings too. As for the cpu cooler, you can look at cryorig or coolermaster ones
  10. I will probably look at an i5 and then pair it up with either the gtx 1060 3gb or rx 480 4gb. i5 allows you to game in max settings better.
  11. personally, the second build is better. if you are looking at saving abit more money, I think a h110m motherboard and a 120gb ssd should be sufficient.
  12. The build looks good! Maybe you can look at some custom blue cable kits to add more blue into your built?
  13. I agree with logicaldrm, a ssd will definitely make your system ooze with speed.