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  1. @Franck can i do it in a script?
  2. wane you pres @ you get all the users in LTT forum. i think that it will be convenient to have it show automatically on the top all the people that participated in the topic/post first and under the people that you search for. @jakkuh_t
  3. @AbydosOne thay both have the same pass and user name im a csharp main that was a script i learned alone how can i turn echo off? @Franck how can i delay the batch?
  4. I just reinstall windows as i do every year, and it used to work before but now it dosent... If i use the "map network drive" in "This PC" it works. But some times, after windows update, my pc cant find them. So i need to delete and remap them. it's tedious and annoying. So i decided to bat this on startup After executing the following code, I cant see the drives in "This PC" or in the CMD but!! if i run the same code on CMD with no bat it works... T-T any help? @echo off title MyCloud Network Connection net use Y: /delete net use Z: /delete cmdkey /add:******* /user:******** /pass:********* net use Y: \\MYCLOUD\Public net use Z: \\MYCLOUD\School
  5. At my school they have a software that every time you reset your pc it restores the drive data the same state. I want the same software but cant remember the name.. i do remember t small button at the top that sad "Shadow Mode" anyone knows the name?
  6. how do i remove a post on LTT forum?
  7. Dos Private Internet Access have Glasswire functionality? Dos Private Internet Access has only VPN stoff or can i use Private Internet Access to also black specific IP addresses like in Glasswire? you ( @jakkuh_t ) have access to both and they sponsors LTT, can you contribute?
  8. i want the Xrow[0] to be false when MeshRenderer in _square[0] is off.and true when the MeshRenderer is on---- public class something : MonoBehaviour { private bool[] Xrow = new bool[3]; [SerializeField] private GameObject[] _square; void Update() { Xrow[0] =_square[0].GetComponent<MeshRenderer>(); Debug.Log(Xrow[0]); } }
  9. i have the Samsung HT-J5100K > Link the cable for the rear speaker is to short i dont want to cut it and install a new one! i want to connect to a long cable female header on one side, and male header on the other end. i need the name of the cable a i can order online or buy at the local store (depends on the prices) the info i have is the the 1) model name 2) manual in the manual > page 6 > Rear Panel in the photo under "SPEAKER OUTPUT CONNECTORS" 3) photos of the connectors (i need to order female and male header)
  10. lunch google home app on the mibox?
  11. Set lunch google home app on the mibox?
  12. I have MiBOX 4 (with Dolby Atmos support). I want to buy home surround speakers for the living room and i saw the Samsung HT-J5100K/XL(LINK) (with Dolby Atmos). in the Samsung website under spec>Connectivity it dos not show SPDIF connector. on unboxing video(LINK) in YouTube you can see a SPDIF connector. So, to the questions. 1) Can i connect the seekers to the MiBOX via SPDIF and have Dolby Atmos sound? 2) Dos Netflix support Dolby Atmos? 3) Also what is "audio in" and "HDMI out"?
  13. ok i wass searching for "friends season 1 episode 1" and the key word is searching "watch friend"
  14. I have mi box 4 (with the google assistant dedicated button). And I'm using the google assistant to search for a show, the results are only for YouTube and never for Netflix. Can I search for a show on Netflix using Google assistant? On 2:33 linus demonstrates this