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  1. NaorG

    MiBox Netflix Google assistant

    lunch google home app on the mibox?
  2. NaorG

    MiBox Netflix Google assistant

    Set lunch google home app on the mibox?
  3. NaorG

    Dolby Atmos SPDIF with MIBox

    I have MiBOX 4 (with Dolby Atmos support). I want to buy home surround speakers for the living room and i saw the Samsung HT-J5100K/XL(LINK) (with Dolby Atmos). in the Samsung website under spec>Connectivity it dos not show SPDIF connector. on unboxing video(LINK) in YouTube you can see a SPDIF connector. So, to the questions. 1) Can i connect the seekers to the MiBOX via SPDIF and have Dolby Atmos sound? 2) Dos Netflix support Dolby Atmos? 3) Also what is "audio in" and "HDMI out"?
  4. NaorG

    MiBox Netflix Google assistant

    ok i wass searching for "friends season 1 episode 1" and the key word is searching "watch friend"
  5. I have mi box 4 (with the google assistant dedicated button). And I'm using the google assistant to search for a show, the results are only for YouTube and never for Netflix. Can I search for a show on Netflix using Google assistant? On 2:33 linus demonstrates this
  6. NaorG

    HDD analysis tool?

    Im going to buy a WD Purple 4T second hand from a stranger... so i need: 1) hardware analysis tool for HDD (that will test that it is in fact 4T and general health) 2) A software that will verify what HDD is connected and all the specs... 3) suggestion from you..
  7. Motherboard > ASUS ROG CROSSHAIR VII HERO UEFI/BIOS > Version 1103 Case > CARBIDE 275R so all the lights are off except for the power button, its blinking and i want it off the only option i can see in the UEFI/BIOS is: ROG LED lighting> When system is in sleep, hibernate or soft off state <OFF> but it only torn off the the Motherboard graphics card ETC the case is still on
  8. NaorG

    drive issu (51GB missing?)

    can you tell me waht i need to press to show them?
  9. NaorG

    drive issu (51GB missing?)

    but 51????
  10. NaorG

    drive issu (51GB missing?)

    anyone care to explain? c drive (windows drive) has 195 GB used space and i i go check all folders i get 144 51GB Missing? (BTW : using win10 and Ryzen cpu)
  11. So i have a WD My Cloud on my network and (im using Windows 10) when i mapped the drive for the first time ("This PC" > "Map Network Drive") i need to input the drives username and password to map it. ***BUT*** i have an issue! Every time there is: Windows update, electrical outage or any kind of server disconnection or a Wednesday(joke) i need to remap the server. Now. in my university, they dont want to give server passwords to students. they have a "network fix" icon on the desktop, if you click on it its fixing the issue. I dont know what it does but for a split second i can see CMD running commands so i guess it's a script for username and pass. How can i have this shortcut icon on the desktop
  12. NaorG

    Virtual Box no 64 bit

    i didnot see an option for 32b or 64 i simply downloaded the first thing i saw and yea thank you. That was under "CPU configuration" and need to Enable SVM
  13. NaorG

    Virtual Box no 64 bit

    1 ihave Ryzen 2700x 2 i simply dont have 64
  14. NaorG

    Virtual Box no 64 bit

    i have no 64 bit on Virtual Box (i have AMD system i dont have intel virtual technology option)