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  1. Alright. My advice is go with the 750 TI along with a decent power supply if you can manage. For the games you're currently playing the 750 TI should be a decent upgrade. Going any higher is a waste since you current setup will bottleneck it. Once you have the 750 TI save up little by little and do a completely new build, only carry over the hard drive and the GPU and PSU (if you went and bought a new one) and in the future go for a better GPU. As for which brand for of GPU to choose EVGA is pretty solid and they also make pretty good PSU's too. Good luck.
  2. Go with upgrading your PSU first and then go for the GPU later. If your PSU needs to be upgraded asap you'll be stuck with a low tier card going the 750 TI route. The good about the 750 TI is that isn't doesn't need a PSU cable to run, it runs fine off the PCI power but it's a low tier card you won't be able to play much games at high settings. Upgrade your PSU and then go for a card that's within your budget.
  3. First decide on a budget. Depending on what you're allowed to get. In terms of hardware the 950 is better than the 750 TI but if you're allowed to spend a bit more going to the AMD route for a R9 380 is a much better option than the 950 or go one step above and get a 960. But what's your current PSU?
  4. The 750 TI is a fairly old card you're better off going the newer route which is the 950.
  5. Eh, I'll admit if the hardware spec rumors are true; I can see why everyone is getting hyped for it. But that remains to be seen. Congrats.
  6. Pascal is most likely going to be expensive when it's released. If you're being offered a brand new 980 for $420 go for it, if not wait for Pascal and instead go for the old 900 GPU's since they'll most likely drop in price due to Pascal.
  7. I agree. Hopefully the new Radeon Crimson driver will bring a bit of a boost in performance.
  8. I won't lie and say you're wrong. I agree. Problem is the current driver support in those games aren't there for the 390 yet if it was it would have at least equaled the 970. Some games being Witcher 3 and GTAV as they favor Nvidia. But, I think the 390 is better bang for the buck card than the 970.
  9. Obvious lead with the 390 while the 970 keeps up but the 390 is still the winner.
  10. What benchmarks have you've been looking at? The 390 is clearly superior than the 970. Not to mention it won't lag if it's 3.5vram is exceeded.
  11. You're better off buying the 390. Your CPU right now is good enough for modern gaming and jumping to the Intel ship for a minor increase in FPS doesn't justify the price. You'll get a better increase in FPS with the 390 that's much better than the 970 is.
  12. One thing I'll give credit to Bethesda is their mod kit. Apparently they allow more freedom in terms of game modding than CDPR, which is kinda a shame. If CDPR allowed the same freedom like Bethesda has, Witcher 3 could soar to new heights and remain largely playable like Skyrim has over the years thanks to mods adding new content and quests.
  13. I had high hopes for Fallout 4. But, ever since the screenshot leaks I've been disappointed. And it got worse. Bad dialogue, copy&paste animations from previous games from what I've heard people saying. All I've heard is that improved the combat feature or the shooting mechanics. But that's pretty much it. It looks rushed. Some claim it's been in the works since 4 years but I personally don't see it. Witcher 3 on the other hand, it's probably #1 on my favorite games list. I never put so much hours into a game like I did with Witcher 3. And kudos to the CDprojektred for the free DLC's. The main storyline writing is great, hell; even the side quests stories are great in terms of writing the Bloody Baron being a good example. That doesn't mean it's perfect in my eyes, it does have some things I don't like for example I don't like the final fight with the King of the Wild Hunt, I expected more of a challenge. Some enemies scale horribly. You either out level them or they'll out level you to the point of you being one shotted (Although in my eyes, it was quite fun, you have the potential of getting through it with patience and strategy). Combat animations could use a bit more work but it's not as bad as some make it out to be in my eyes, in fact with alternate movement and the free DLC of adding new finisher animations enhance it. Here's hoping Blood & Wine shines just as much or more like Hearts of Stone did. Amazing DLC sized expansion. The story was great and so was the content. Honestly, Fallout 4 had great potential. Bethesda just didn't seize the opportunity. It just looks rushed and was released to only make money off the fandom. I just kinda hate the circlejerk it's getting. But is it anywhere near the level the Witcher 3 is on? No.
  14. Honestly the best choice to wait for reputable reviews and benchmarks. Bethesda usually have history of releasing buggy games so you might have to wait a few days to play. Honestly, it's up to you but take a look at what happened with Batman. Wait it out and pick it up if you're okay with it. Though I guess you could ask Steam for a refund if you're not over their limit for a refund.
  15. I do hope that was the case, but so far the screens and gameplay I've seen suggest that it was the PC version on my search, not just on here. Fact of the matter is the textures look sloppy and most of the house and trees look like cardboard. But hey if you think it looks fine then to each his own, I guess. Though if that was indeed the PC version on ultra then I'm still disappointed by Bethesda.
  16. This is Bethesda we're talking about.
  17. Am I the only one who think the graphics look horrid? For a 2015 near 2016 game I thought it'd look better. I'm utterly disappointed.
  18. Happy early Halloween everyone! I need to get more active.
  19. I read that Windows 10 usually has issues with more than one monitor when upgrading and that usually a driver reinstall fixes things. So, do a clean reinstall of your GPU driver and hope that it'll fix it. I doubt it's the GPU, if it worked on 8.1 just fine odds are it isn't the GPU but mostly related to a driver issue when upgrading.
  20. I don't mind as long as it lets me uninstall and pushes some things from the control panel on over to the Settings menu. But, I can't figure out for the life of me why not just keep it there and move onto more important things.
  21. Depends on the person. Some people are cat people some people are dog people. Each have their pros and cons. Personally I'm more of a dog person but that's mostly because I'm allergic to cats. Though I did have a pet cat when I was younger and never had trouble with her since she usually and preferred to stay outside. Good cat, one day she just up and left and that was that.
  22. I've taken Judo and Karate with a mix of Tae Kwon Do.
  23. For $160 it's worth it. Even with the reduced speed clock it's still a huge step up from your GTX 650. Honestly, like everyone above said, could be something with his system and it might work fine with yours without needing to reduce the memory clock.
  24. Also sms1202 is in the right direction. You can also go the APU route to hold you over until you get yourself a decent GPU.