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  1. when you disconnetc the charger your laptop will set different power management setting this is normal
  2. the vega 8 igpu isnt amazing its good for integrated graphics though have you got any benchmarks to show
  3. That is true they are dreadful wish I had done more research before purchasing it. Even still I have never had a gaming/work laptop last longer than 2-3 years, they all seem to cook themselves.
  4. Oh I see sorry, you shouldn't have too many issues as the 2700 is an extremely efficient chip. how is your cpu responding to stress tests at stock? are you dropping in frequency?
  5. In my experience laptops are no where near as durable as a desktop for instance my razer blade 15 2018 started to have issues at around 4 months old and it was used as a work laptop for around 7/8 hours a day.
  6. software monitoring is never 100% accurate so I wouldn't worry too much about that. Can I ask why you want to undervolt this cpu out of interest
  7. Sorry misread the post, maybe try adding a slight amount more voltage to see if it stabilises I know your struggling with temps but it might show you that the cpu just wants more voltage to hit that 5ghz figure
  8. Try DDU to uninstall all GPU drivers and reinstall AMD software. I would suspect that the PSU you have is not capable of powering that card as it is clearly a cheap unit. Consider finding an 80 plus rated PSU its a good general indicator for quality.
  9. P95 is extremely taxing on your cpu so this is normal some people even call it a torture test. Maybe considering tweaking your avx offset as cinebench r20 I believe uses avx-512 and this is a taxing instruction set.
  10. Since upgrading from my gtx 1070 to an rx5700xt I have been having random black screen issues which sometimes even results in my pc rebooting. Wondering if anyone else is having this issue and if so how did you fix it?
  11. Also consider reformatting your drive if you have built a new system.
  12. Use some older stable gpu drivers I've been having some issues with my 5700xt on the latest drivers had to revert to some drivers from December 2018 to get it sort of working properly
  13. It may be memory training my ryzen 5 3600 does it regularly especially if it has been switched of from the psu or unplugged
  14. I'm still waiting for a phone that is enough of an upgrade from my s9+
  15. Nice man my dad lives in fullers slade, I was actually working in wolverton today on windsor road. Its a small world
  16. ahh nice where about's in MK did you grow up? I live in willen park
  17. I have noticed that LTT is regularly trending like at least once a week now, thought it was interesting.
  18. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a ryzen 2 plus given the lack of competition from intel built on a mature tsmc 7nm plus node that might creep up to near 4.8/4.9 ghz like we saw with ryzen plus. Also with it being a chiplet architecture and going on amd's history they are almost definitely binning these chiplets, giving epyc the most power efficient chips and maybe threadripper the best overclockers as we saw with first gen threadripper some of those chips were hitting 4.2ghz which was near impossible on any of the other first gen parts. I wonder if they are planning something like piledriver, some sort of power hungry high clockspeed monster sold at a premium and made up of the top 2% of chips although I'm sure if they manage to bring out an 8 or 12 core 5ghz chip its going to be seriously expensive.
  19. I recently watched an adoredTV video about 3rd gen ryzen overclocking and want to hear your thoughts, do you think 3rd gen ryzen can hit 5ghz?? I think its a long shot personally but who knows?
  20. I ran gta v at 4k on a gtx 1080 for nearly 2 years at very high settings constant 60fps gta 4 is poorly optimised so i wouldnt be surprised if that ran bad but to be honest I dont know why you dont just get a 2k monitor it would be the perfect pair for your 1080ti
  21. Yeah please go back to 16/9 I can just zoom on my phone
  22. it all depends on what resolution you intend to play games at but at 1440p and 4k that cpu should be fine also have you considered the i3 8350k its a basically an i5 7600k rebranded. I'd go with 16gb ram for future proofing.
  23. the only thing I would consider is trying to squeeze a 1060 3gb in because its a considerable jump in performance from the 1050ti and doesnt cost much more
  24. yeah there's no need hold tight for something newer