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    i5 4440 @ 3.1 GHz
  • Motherboard
    AsRock H81-HDS
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengance 2x4 8gb 1866
  • GPU
    MSI GTX 760
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    2TB 7200RPM & 500GB SSD
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    Corsair CX 600w
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    Corsair Hydro Series H80i High Performance Water/Liquid CPU Cooler 120mm
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    BF4 Razor Black Widow Ultimate Machanical Gaming Keyboard
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    Razor Death Adder
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  1. Okay so this kinda has to do with the Operating system Its windows 8, anyways how do I make my borders and task bar turn colors like automatically. Sort of like how you can make the background keep changing like switching the picture. Can you, and how do you do that with the color of the borders and taskbar?
  2. A game that's $60 should at least have 150 enjoyable hours on it. Like Skyrim, they should be replay able. I have no clue but most people are going to think this is impossible, but, Rust is a really fun/enjoyable/addictive game. Even though I have been the "Top Dog" on a server I still continue to play it. I have 300 hours played on it and the game only cost $20. So I think games should at least have 150 hours depending on the cost.
  3. You do realize that it is just as easy to Pirate a game and use it on Console (PS3, XBOX 360 and even Wii). Just go to craigslist look for someone to "Flash", "JTag" or even get a Xkey for your Console (Only saying this for Xbox 360 as I've never used ps3 but I know you can pirate games if you jailbreak it). $20 to flash about $150-$500 for a JTAG and $60-90 for a Xkey. You then can Pirate a game, burn it to a disk with xbox backup creator, and img burner. After you have successfully burnt the game, put it in your console and BAM! You have a Free game that works as if it was just bought from a store. So Both ways this doesn't affect there motivation to put games onto the PC Platform. This is also how people mod Consoles. But yeah, So the whole "Higher pirating rates gives devs less motivation to bring games to pc" is incorrect. Fun Fact: Pirating, Modding, and burning games only takes about 6 hours (Depending on your internet speed to download the pirated game, but to burn it and all that it only takes about 1 hour). Anyways, my rant Is over don't even think it was a rant. OP. I do think that Pirating games isn't a good thing. I have done it (For console) but I was stupid then and didn't realize what trouble, and how unfair it is to the devs. They do put there hard work into it and DO deserve respect/some income from that. Otherwise its like a F2P game. Now COD on the other hand. Pirate away no "Hard" work put in there simple CTRL+C and CTRL+V for them.
  4. I was like that too. I absolutely sucked at bf i got like 10 kills 20+ deaths. Got mad at that bought RUST (great game btw) and played for 170 hours after that i got really good with kb&m went back to bf, now im going positive like every game. I also havnt lost my xbox 360 gaming skill play ghost yesterday (i sucked at ghost when i bought the game and did until yesterday) i went 20/3 like every game! Pretty good. Anyways just practice it helps and u will get used to it. Good Luck!
  5. Okay this might help also. I know this was answered but instead of using your mouse to go up and down/side to side use the arrow keys to turn and go up/down. I use them and am a beast at jets/heli's. Also am new to pc gaming by 1 1/2 months
  6. Already used it and found out. I just let my computer sit for like 1 hour and im rich. on stick rpg 2
  7. On the internet like web browser and on the same computer On the internet like web browser and on the same computer
  8. I want to play a game on the internet/web browser with my brother whats a fun multiplayer game (on same computer like boxhead is) THANK!
  9. Cuz When I play bf4, or rust, or anything I like to have have anothing thing benifiting me. So I want to keep sleeping. and it makes my bank money go up. Anywyas. How do I get the Autohotkey or Ghostmouse? could you link me to one of them what ever you prefer.
  10. Don't think they can ban people on Stick RPG 2. Yeah. Anyways, is rsclient safe?
  11. Would you mind telling me what to do? To get this Keyboard macro
  12. Whats a macro. Whats AutoHotKey. If its something I download please link me.