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  1. The Router is a "Speedport W 921V" and the Bridge is a "Telekom Speed Home Bridge"
  2. Hello, since I recently upgraded my internet connection from 50Mbits to 250Mbits I tried a lot of stuff the get the full value. With a Laptop directly connected to the Router I get around ~220Mbits but when I use regular wifi solutions or a wireless bridge to connect it to my regular PC I cant even exceed 100Mbits. So my question is what other alternatives I have. Im going to try a Powerline adapter in the near future but other than that I dont know of anything else. Also connection my actual PC directly is not really an option for me.
  3. So there is nothing do be done about it but to hope they'll fix it?
  4. Hello, I've had a somewhat odd problem for a while: whenever I try to play a game while having Prime Video or Netflix running the game kind of stutters. It occurs about once to 1 1/2 times a second, it doesnt show a dip in FPS so I dont know what causes it. This doesnt seem to be related to CPU Usage / RAM Usage or Internet Connection. Also the Stream doesnt seem to stutter. My primary browser is Opera but I also tried Chrome and it didnt help - other services like twitch work just fine.. Both Monitors run on 144hz - 1080p for Videos, 1440p for Gaming. OS: Windows 10 Version 1803 GPU: GTX 1080 CPU: Intel i7-7700k at stock RAM: 16GB 2400mhz DDR4 Storage: some SSD Newest Video Card Driver I would appreciate if someone has a clue to what is going on here..
  5. So I am thinking about replacing my old xbox 360 controller with a PS4 one. Since I want to use it as a wireless controller and I dont have integrated bluebooth, I`ll have to get some kind of adapter. But there are bluetoothsticks for 10€ to 50€ official sonysticks. So my question is if I need to pay the full 50€ or if I can get a cheaper alternative and still get the full benefit.
  6. I just use it for Team Speak but I do care what it sounds like.
  7. Hello Guys, I just got a new Headset, its the HyperX Cloud Revolver, but im not happy with it so far. Im by no means an audiophile but I need decent sound quality to a degree that it doesnt ruin my immersion while gaming. Im not having any issues with that so far but if there are any tweaks I can do with my onboard soundcard I would appreciate the tipp. Where my real problem lies is with the microphone quality im getting, it sounds really dull and I don`t know what I can do to change that.. Im not even sure if there is something I can do but when I checked a youtube review the quality appeared to be much higher. So are there little tweaks I can use with onboard sound to get the most of my purchase? Also If you have a suggestion with really good audio and microphone quality with a high degree of long term comfort for around 250€ I would appreciate recommendations. Thanks
  8. So in Summary: - The RTX 2080TI is really expensive and would require a new CPU also 500€-600€ - any worse RTX and the GTX 1080TI dont do that much more to justify the purchase - SLI still garbage. Is that assessment correct? So its either a really expensive upgrade or waiting for new releases?
  9. Well im going over to 1440p so the GPU might become a problem imo.
  10. My Budget not going to limit any resonable Idea (I dont have a value I want to spend, to me the performance I get out of it the primary focus and I judge the price tag by that). My Motherboard is pretty crap and im going to get a new one, so it is any Motherboard between 150€-200€ not sure yet.
  11. Hello, I just got a new Monitor with 1440p and 144hz. And since I want to get a good ROI on that purchase im thinking about upgrading a bit. My current build is a Base Clock i7-7700k, a EVGA GTX 1080 FTW and 16GB of DDR4 ram. On games like Rocket League, CSGO and League I dont really have any problems obviously but when it comes to games like Ghost Recon Wildlands or Battlefield I dont even get to 100+ FPS on high settings 1080p. The Problem I have is that im unsure if I should go for 2x GTX 1080 or get a newer Card, also my CPU is struggling from time to time so im debating whether going for a save OC of like 5ghz is sufficient or if that needs a replacement too. Im thankful for any recommendation on this topic. Thanks
  12. Im kind of a newbie when it comes to water cooling. So as far as I know there a some easy to install "AIO" coolers that just need to be installed without special assembly and there are those that are customly made. So I am currently looking at the AIO models from Corsair ( anywhere from the 80i to the 110i) and I do have some basic questions: - Is it installable without any of that extra fitting work? - Is the performance increase I can get with it noticeablely better than the performance increase I would get with a similarly expensive air cooler? - Do I have to clean the water or the tubing from time to time or does it stay clean by itself?
  13. Currently I am just going for a gaming monitor(1080p,144hz) and a misc monitor(1080p,60hz)