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    Why didn't I just write Finland?
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    Computers(duh?), Listening to Music, Watchng movies and tv-series, playing games. Kinda into programming tho can't really make anything of PotatoValue. Potato much?
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    I was a very nice guy, but then I got bullied for 7-10 years and now I'm suffering from Social Anxiety and I'm a bit depressed. Don't know what I should do with the future I've got and well I think I suck at life.
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    Office assistant for a Mental Health Association


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    ASUS Sabertooth Z77
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    ASUS GTX1080
  • Case
    Cooler Master Storm Stryker
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    Logitech G910
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    Logitech G502
  • Sound
    Logitech Z333 + Logitech G633?
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    Windows 10 Home Potato version

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  1. Well I mean it's not really a given to know that it is. But yeah the fiery circle portals are created by Doctor Strange.
  2. They talked about that in the future we will have flying cars. The future: RGB lit cars.
  3. Yes the difference is huge, it's over half but with 4k to 8k it feels less of an upgrade, at least for me. And is there any content actually available in 8k?
  4. I don't think this should be a surprise and I think that is mostly because of the recent spike in GPUs bought. For example they had a long time a KFA GTX 1080 for only 500+ Euros here in Finland the cheapest was at 700+, if you take away second hand from the equation. I think the mining crazies is the reason.
  5. I don't think you need to do anything with previous drivers/basic windows drivers.
  6. I think you should always install the drivers for a printer or any separate device that you'll connect to the computer even if it is through a wireless connection. Here are the drivers for Windows 10: HP OfficeJet 4500 G510n I would also download the HP Print and Scan Doctor for additional troubleshooting after installing the drivers, if need be. So first install the drivers and then do a few tests with the printing. Cheers, Zoth
  7. Aw man size matters everywhere If you have to know my size is just perfect, not to tall and most certainly not too short either, just mmm good to the last inch
  8. What is the server running at for the moment? What I'm after right here is the version
  9. Also if you are the kind of person that digs watching movies or tv-series then the 21:9 experience will blow you away
  10. Suomi prkl! Hmm getting people to use correct grammar might be harder than you think. Especially since we all are from different countries, we are all different ages and stuff..
  11. Why G, why not M or L?
  12. Tintin for the win! I'm no father but my father was joking with the name Nepomuk for me, of course this was only a small joke(haaaa). So I would maybe tone down a little bit, there are odd names that are cool and then there are odd names that well aren't, here are some examples of cool ones(in my humble opinion): Warwick Asazoth Zoth Zalzulus(Calculus but with Z instead)
  13. Maybe this one: Predestination It's kinda detective-ish with a blend of cult and sci-fi!
  14. Yeah I was thinking that "hmm it looks quite obvious" like do I see stuff that others haven't? But yeah I suppose many believe that they are neck and neck. But yes I made a mistake.